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Welcome! The X-RAY IMIJ sound recordings and videos here are: Ray Gervato on Guitar & Vocals, Jeff Summerton on Bass, and Mitch Phillippe on the Drums. Currently ISO a more available bass and drums tandem to take the show LIVE again in due time. *This is an evolving vision that will only thrive with the right musicians -available enough for an agency to do bookings. It's that simple. Any interested in the available positions (in the radius of Philadelphia/South Jersey suburbs) please inquire by leaving a detailed message, and thank you. ~

I did NOT know 20 years ago when I visited Jimi's grave *right after a thunderstorm, that I would one day FORM this tribute band. It just took a while for that "image" to come into actual focus. In 1995, (in Seattle) I saw 2/3 of "The Experience" at a reunion show featuring Randy Hansen as Jimi. This was THE celebration Jimi's family put on, as they had finally secured the rights back to his music royalties, 25 years after his death! *Right on cue, as if to say thank you, a perfectly clear day suddenly saw dark stormclouds roll in AS the LIVE Jimi Hendrix music began to ring out...(It never did rain on the stage -or on the huge outdoor audience). But there was just something spiritual "in the air" ...as the hair on the back of my neck just stood up... whenever Randy Hansen (who I later met in 2011 and reminded him about this :) would freely point to the sky, as each *lightning bolt struck the nearby horizon! Yes, at that moment, at that concert, it felt to me...like Jimi was providing not only a "thank you" to his family, the special effects (with the DRY lightning bolts), but ALSO...an ironic LIVE album cover OF his LP "Midnight Lightning!!!" THAT "experience" in Jimi's hometown of Seattle, *lit an inspirational fire INSIDE of me that surely has remained scorched upon my memory ever since...as I was already a big fan of Jimi. ~

Oddly, about ten years prior in the 80's *I had a very VIVID dream about him...where just outside my bedroom window on my neighbors' porch roof, he was jamming heavily IN a storm (like on a stage -about nine feet off the ground). Then we hung out, laughed & got stoned in the dream!! What I am about to say truly happened about 3 days later: I was 30 feet (?) from THAT porch sleeping in my room again late that morning, when a bolt of lightning hit that very porch (the stage) and literally, blew me out of bed!!...I was jolted awake to hear thunder rolling away, looked out the window, and saw smoke coming out of a hole at the porch's foundation- where just A FEW DAYS PRIOR Jimi was jamming in my dream! **The first thing that "struck me" (consciously AWAKE again) WAS, this dream I had just had 3 days prior!!! ...And so goes THE *spark that ignited my TRUEST interest in the universal music and story of Jimi Hendrix. (BTW: I almost forgot...my neighbor's stereo componants all got completely fried!) ~

Myself and former bassist Jeff Summerton also had the pleasure of MEETING Jimi's bassist, army buddy, & best friend Billy Cox on 2 occasions at "Experience Hendrix" shows. We had the good fortune of having HIM call us back once after mailing him our (old) demo! Then, 6 months later during rehearsal one day (the VERY 5 minutes we took a short break from playing Hendrix music), the phone rings...and it's Billy Cox! ...saying that he just got off the road, and that he had "dug what we were sounding like!" As it turned out, that was just another stroke of lightning to me, as we were all shocked...to hear the voice of the legendary Billy Cox, coming through on speaker phone! (*A kind of feather in our cap :) !!! Guess it didn't hurt throwing in a Jimi T-shirt with the demo disc that said above Jimi's pic "Wanted: ALIVE!" **And Billy had totally dug seeing it being worn by Jeff upon our first time meeting him in person! So of course he said: "You want one Mr. Cox? We'll send one to you with our demo!" And that surely helped to prompt Mr. Cox's phone call upon his receiving the package, AND of course, his hearing our earliest cover renditions (2010). ~

To the unenlightened, who would denounce Jimi Hendrix's ABSOLUTE importance and contribution to the full SCOPE of today's music, (as an innovative pioneer of his era -all the way to the present)...or, who say he was overrated, ARE merely ignorant of the musical truth. His playing and creativity (not to mention his *recording techniques), WERE ahead of MOST others of that era and OPENED up new musical possibilities through his vast influence ON the music community en mass, in the decades since his sudden death in late 1970. And thus, from 1967-1970 going forward, Jimi Hendrix stood the entire world of electric guitar playing on it's head -with his boldly creative style, performances, and sheer stage PROWESS! Bold as Love indeed. Along with Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell playing behind him, The "Jimi Hendrix Experience" still remains one of the most powerful and groundbreaking rock trio's in music history. The JHE evolved into the "Band Of Gypsy's" for a short period from late 1969 to early 1970, with Billy Cox on bass replacing Noel Redding for good- and with Buddy Miles on drums. Unfortunately, forces within Jimi's management would not allow this trio as it was to flourish, and therefore once again, Mitch Mitchell returned to complete the 3rd and final trio "version" in mid 1970 alongside Jimi and Billy. Jimi's music will remain timeless forever. '+'

Thanx for taking time to read all this, and for your visit. I have solo acoustic covers and my *original songs on my other reverbnation page here under RAY GERVATO. ~ ((O

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Ray Gervato - Guitar/Vocals, ~ Jeff Summerton - Bass, ~ Mitch Phillippe - Drums (on all videos) & John Young - drums/percussion *only on the 2 audio traX.
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X-RAY IMIJ ~ (JIMI HENDRIX Tribute) ISO Bassist/Drummer
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Rock / Blues/Tribute/Psychedelic ~

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Mullica Hill, NJ

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