D.A (Da Ansa) of B*O*M*B*SQWAAD / Bio

“Pause it,” says Only Neno, also referred to as “The Lieutenant,” as he ponders in his friend’s nearly empty, sweltering room. Containing only a bed, dresser, T.V., mic, and computer. Lost in thought on what he could say to let the public know what best describes not only him, but his “Camp,”in a whole. Neno’s eyes lit up immediately as he his told friend, “Run it!” With a zealous look in his eyes, and a boost of confidence, birth was given as Neno boldly stated, " It’s B.O.M.BSWAAD BITCH!" Without a word being exchanged P.C, his “Sergeant,” agreed silently; giving Neno a mischevious smurk, and a nod. Since 2006, B*O*M*B*SQWAAD (Brilliant Ones Make Billions), continues to cook up, what most consider as “Brain Food,” insuring the world that “All hope for music’s not lost; salvation is near.

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Neno Brown (The Real Neno Brown), P.C, D.A (Da Ansa),Keypa Casanova, C4, Icey B, Pluto $wift, Philth3 Wright3r, Fantastik, Tony Johnson, Tas
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D.A (Da Ansa) of B*O*M*B*SQWAAD
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Hip Hop

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Hollywood, FL

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