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Formed in the late winter of the year two thousand and ten, this greasy bunch of post-teens scraped the depths of their punk influences, and collective angst, combining them into a seething, teeming and pulsating baby fetus known only as No Brainer. From that day on, their destinies were clear... scraping the negative, and self destructive crust from the surface of punk rock and revealing the hopeful, idealistic, rich... peanutbuttery center that lay beneath. Leaving in their path a trail of deformed and angry fetuses born from the piles of excrement left behind.... but they never look back. In late 2012 an alliance was formed with Pillar Records, and with it came the new title of Suburban Swamp Kids. With these changes an EP began to form out of the sweaty, and dingy air that accumulated within the Pillar warehouse. And like the sound of a fresh beer being cracked open, a resounding "SSK!" was heard throughout the land. And all was well.

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Band Members
Ishdent Rodriguez: Bang Sticks --- Frank: Bass As Fuck --- Big Jit: On the git --- Prandi "The Pranz" Prandinski:Throat Horn
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Suburban Swamp Kids
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Punk / Dirty Ska / Happy Hardcore

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Hollywood, FL
We got this.

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