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After retiring from a very successful banking career, Lou found himself looking for something to do with all the time now on his hands. He reached back many, many years for his old campfire guitar and discovered he could still play. Something his wife was totally unaware of, because his family and career came first. After much searching, Lou found he had a strong desire to go back to his church roots and began singing some of the old hymns he grew up with as a boy and young man in N.E. Arkansas. Lou, found the soothing sounds of music to be very relaxing. He found himself searching for places to jam with others and became a regular at a jam in Centerville, TN. Here he found many new friends who were like minded and who had all left their ego's at the door. This is something that Lou has been involved with for over 10 yrs and loves it. However, Lou was still searching for something that was missing and was lead more toward the gospel music genre'. Although, he still plays traditional country, bluegrass and classic rock, these genre's just didn't speak to his soul. He feels gospel music is his calling and is considering a music ministry in response to a call to serve the Lord in a much bigger way. Lou has sung in a few churches in Middle TN and has gotten a very favorable response. In August 2013, Lou was invited to sing at a gospel music festival in Cincinnati, OH and saw God at work during this event. It was just further confirmation that he was headed in the right direction with God leading the way. Lou had been told my a number of folks that he had a ministry, but refused to believe what he was being told. Now, he listens with both ears. Lou, truly feels a call to minister to the older generation. Ministering to this age group is one that is often times forgotten about. Lou has many friends that fall into this category and feels he relates to them on a very close personal basis. Lou's motto is "I'm not in this for the money. I'm in it because this is where the Lord has been leading me for years. I just wouldn't listen."

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Lou Gann
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Christian/Gospel / Country / Bluegrass

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Fairview, TN
Me, I'm afraid

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