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The story: In 1998, a parody band was created by three 8-year old boys: Aaron Wilson, Gordon Ray, and an undetermined third member. Originally called The Bathstreet Boys, the name later changed to Shower for some reason. It was a small inside joke, untill 2008, when Aaron, Gordon,and Matthew Grooms started messing around with recording equipment. The Shower name from 10 years earlier was brought back and is currently in use.

In 2008 The Steamroom was released.
In 2009 An Alternative Christmas was released.
In 2010 Double Name Disco was released.
In 2013 Baby Shower was released.

Work is being done on a 2nd Holiday LP involving the topic of New Year's Eve.

All three members of Shower bathe regularly.

General Info

Band Members
Aaron Wilson, Gordon Ray, Matthew Grooms
Artist Name
Profile Page
Alternative / Aleatoric / Anti-folk

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Knoxville, TN

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