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Cirque Zuma Zuma
African Cirque Style Spectacle
America's Got Talent Finalist 2011

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Audiences and critics in Europe and Australia agree, Cirque Zuma Zuma is unlike anything they have ever seen before. Many describe it as an African-style Cirque du Soleil; such is the standard of the performers and the quality of the shows live musical score. Like Cirque, our talent pool of 120 loyal performers has a family business kind of feel.

In fact, many show producers have visited our training school in Kenya and Tanzania and were so impressed with the standard of our performers that they signed a 10 year-deal with us under which we supply them with cast members for shows including the new City of Dreams in Macau. Because of the wealth of talent at my training school, the show can be customized to suit audience and venue needs and a range of formats. We have a pool of 120 loyal, healthy and happy performers to draw on for our shows.

Scheduling is not a problem, we can stage more than one production at a time from big to small, also we can be booked as a single troupe to perform from 20 minutes to 60 minutes show and up to three shows per day, or you can book the whole production which runs for 2 hours with a 15 minutes intermission.

African Acrobats International, Inc. has established the ultimate African Circus. The cradle of all cultures, the ultimate source for all music, dance and ritual for all humanity. The thought of this rich continent brings in mind at once mysticism, magic and excitement. The African Acrobats International, Inc. has something new to bring to the American Audiences in 2008: the allure of the African Circus.

This Circus will cast talented members who can fill a 90 minutes show with non stop action and amazing features which will keep audiences breathless. This show will include performances of all different types of African culture, including:

- South African female vocalist
- Female limbo artist/dancers from Egypt
- Female dancers from Africa
- South African gumboot dancers
- Amazing pole acts
- Zuma Zuma Acrobats
- Gabonese Tumblers
- Contortionists from South Africa
- The Africa Africa Lion dance
- Percussionists from Zimbabwe
- And more exciting acts

The show will feature an array of never before seen talents mixed with some of the best loved skills associated with African variety arts.

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