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Born into this crazy world on April 23, 1992 in Johannesburg South Africa, Mmusi Bogopane Aka Bentley began his epic journey. Primarily his family moved to New Mexico, shortly after to Sacramento California where Bentley was raised and experienced his longest lasting impression of street life. The young boy began to obsess and explore every genre, style, and artist when he realized his joy in this hard life was music. Finding solace in the complexities and beauty of a music note and its calming presence in his tough neighborhood he began to play piano and found himself delving deeper into the world of hip hop. Enjoying the left coast rap scene Bentley adapted to the beats of classics such as Tupac Shakur, N.W.A , Dr. Dre, Snoop, Nas, Jay Z and Run Dmc impacting and maturing his musical intellect every day. The most important mentor of all was his mother, his biggest strength and supporter- she was his backbone of hope and confidence throughout his tumultuous moves, struggle with schools, and brief but educational stint with the law. Listening to his mother’s music with old school artists such as rock god’s bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain. Funk and soul artists such as Aretha franklin, rick James and Barry white. Bentley shaped his unique musical taste to designing his ever evolving style and flow. An intelligent young man Bentley applies modern day events and experiences not to mention powerful figures from Black history to nuance and add depth to his music and life. Role models such as Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X inspire him and solidify the message he so earnestly proclaims and spits momentously in every hook. Bentley’s message is positivity, and honesty when addressing the hard gritty truth of the reality of success, society, love, loss, and this crazy world. His music is designed to accompany every individual’s hustles and grind. He hopes his music reminds those who came from nothing they have everything to lose, and to never lose faith in the potential and the greatness they are yet to achieve. Destined for greatness with an explicit humbleness and raw talent ,Bentley truly is. Enjoy the beats and respect the flow.- Meera Masud

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