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As we grow our music tastes change, but then again I have never relegated myself to one particular genre. Living in California, Europe and Northern Ireland, exposed me to the British tunes, you know "Pink Floyd", "Queen", "Beatles and the "Moody Blues", my good friend's 700 plus record collection, exposed me to virtually every kind of music known to man. Thanks to that, I have acquired an extremely eclectic and wide appreciation of music, musicians, composition and in music overall.

Enjoy thinking and reminiscing of something cool and then arranging it into music! Some may laugh or even cringe using the words, compose, arrange or write, but possibly that merely shows a lack depth and of intellect. As for me, it is great therapy, creating original music using the Yamaha TYROS 4, Digital Arranger Workstation, and the MOOG (A real deal analog synthesizer), M-Audio Keystation Controller, AKAI EIE PRO and M-Audio Fast Track Pro, Yamaha PSR-530, KORG KOAS Dynamic Effect Pads, Fender Guitar, Mandolin, Electric Violin, Harmonica, Autoharp, Piano and other Natural Instruments. Using Pro Tools 10, 11 and 11HD on dedicated audio/video servers is the way to go! One has to embrace and love today's technology. Besides to compensate, I have to crank up the headphones, due to losing the a lot of my hearing in the Navy at 17, so excuse the occasional missteps from the deaf guy, LOL

Music is food for the soul and great therapy in escaping life's tribulations. I play for fun and to support the causes I am involved with, and do a lot of pro bono work for non-profits that I advocate for. I am not here to sell you anything, and due to pirates whom snag FREE music from virtually all websites, I do not post my fully mastered music. However in 2015, I will be releasing a several volume collection on all of the major outlets, with all profits going to charity.

Publishing my own music and other artists under my own label. MWILLIAMSUSA MUSIC, ASCAP.

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Michael Williams, ASCAP

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