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History may show a strained relationship between the colonial settlers and the natives, in which case Martin Pheasant and Westley “Big Drum” Pheasant are two unlikely parts of a band. Martin Pheasant, Pilgrim by birth, and Westley Pheasant, Moncomet Indian, are the only two survivors of a devastating 1800s New England colonies battle which decimated both of their communities.

Together, The Pheasants travel through time searching for surviving members of their tribes and families. Aided by the powers of the Moncomet magic drum and Pilgrim steel string vibration, The Pheasants bend time and space punching transit holes into the past, present, and future. Despite their superstitious nature, anthropomorphism, and irrational fear of witches, skyscrapers, shape shifters, weather events, demons, and cell phones; The Pheasants music is influenced by all of it. From colonization, civil war, the railroads, the wild west, industrialization, the birth of rock and roll, the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, to the present and beyond.

While Martin Pheasant and Westley “Big Drum” Pheasant have never located any surviving family members, their courageous musical quest continues. The Pheasants continue to form fast friendships, and initiate new members into The Pheasants family with their one of a kind rock and roll show.

Cotton Mather

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Martin Pheasant :: Guitar / Vox, Big Drum Pheasant :: Drums / Vox
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The Pheasants
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Rock / Blues / Punk

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San Diego, CA