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“This ain’t about being pretty.” That’s the first thing Jason will tell you about why he does what he does, despite the fact that he is jaw-droppingly handsome.

OK, lets get real, this is, after all, what Jason is all about – real American music for real American folks; gristly guys and fiery girls with honest jobs and authentic lives. And if that’s not glamorous enough, consider catchy-as-hell, heartfelt songs about love, family, broken relationships, breaking relationships, good times, bad times and, well … just plain old boozin’ it up.

From beer and whiskey laments to barnburner anthems, Allman’s to Waylon, Springsteen to Cash; Jason embodies the very essence of American roots music. Take a dash of soulful Southern harmony, a pinch of razor-sharp musicianship, and a heaping helping of Northwoods grit and you’ve got one of the highest demand headliners on the upper-Midwest live circuit – and he’s maintained a fiercely loyal following, playing thousands of shows for the last 10 years.

How, precisely, does that happen? “We started out just wanting to play anywhere, with just a few friends,” says Paulson. “Off the bat, we never shied away from throwing cover songs in side-by-side with our originals. We were proud to choose unique but instantly recognizable songs, then just worked hard to put our own stylistic stamp on them.” That lack of pretension quickly helped them to form and enjoy undeniable rapport with a wide range of audiences, and enthusiastic support for their original material followed naturally, hand-in-hand. Jason has always aimed to eliminate the line between band and fan, lending a real family feel to the shows; a camaraderie sensed on both sides.

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Jason Paulson - Vocals
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Jason Paulson Band
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Americana / Folk Rock / Country

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Waconia, MN
Jeff Thielman

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