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Mark Cardinal as:
LUKE DIAMOND - Guitars, Vocals

Born the illegitimate child of Neil Diamond, LUKE was destined for the spotlight in the early 90’s. He brings a soulful voice and melodic guitar sound to PASSION PIT like the song-styles of his dear old dad…

Mark was born and raised in southern California. In the mid 1980's he began performing mainly in Orange County nightclubs. The first group Mark formed was called The Pedestrians. A few years later he found himself fronting other bands including Taxi (A group of long time nightclub veterans), and The Trek. The Trek was an up and coming club band with a unique energetic front man. Mark Cardinal joined the band as their lead guitarist and offered strong backing vocals to the mix. They were a favorite among the college crowds. They covered strictly KROQ's play list of bands such as Inxs, The Cure, and The Cult. They would perform at many showcase venues such as West Hollywood's legendary Whiskey a Go-Go, and The Roxy. In November of 1990 Mark Cardinal decided to start a new band, Echo Love Chamber. He used the newly formed group to expand the repertoire to include many more genres of music. And now, Mark has collaborated with his bandmates to create a show that pays homage to the era that started it all for him, PASSION PIT.

Sammy Burke as:
JOHNNY VEGA - Bass, Vocals

Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn can be tough. Just ask JOHNNY VEGA over a cup of coffee sometime. It’s even worse when you have an Irish-Italian mother and a Puerto Rican-Jewish father…

Sammy joined with Mark in July of 1995. Sammy was a long time friend of the group and had played in a number of bands including The Trek, The Click, and Unstable. He has since spent the past two decades working with Echo Love Chamber, performing at venues throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, playing hit songs from the past four decades. Sammy brings a combination of show experience and vitality to PASSION PIT, with his vocal range and the vibrant texture of all the bass sounds that create the tapestry that supports the lyrical voices of the guitars and harmonies. Sammy teaches advanced high school students when he's not rocking out with the band. He also enjoys motorcycle riding and his love of collecting basses.

Chad Patchen as:

While some people might think that being born wealthy is an advantage, it sometimes can be difficult to manage the social schedule and the inner desire to play drums – against his family’s wishes. Such is the story for DYLAN, as he became promptly disowned by his socialite family to pursue his one true PASSION…

Chad was the last addition, joining the band in April of 1999. Mark and Sammy auditioned at least twenty drummers before they decided to go with Chad. His solid playing and versatility added a new dynamic/dimension to the group. Chad’s fellow band members call him a walking metronome. Chad began playing drums when he was 10 years old. Chad played drums in a couple of bands, Lillywhite and Solid State, with his brother playing the guitar. The American Wake was the first band he belonged to that released a CD. Chad has since played with Modern Faith, and original band Wax Daddy with whom he also recorded a CD. Chad played clubs all over L.A. with Wax Daddy, Jupiter Lip Bomb, The Cram Bros., The Green Natives, Red Planet, The Blue Meanies, and Armadillo Man. In addition to ELC, Chad is currently playing and recording with Primitive Painters who recently released a CD. His versatility in playing styles gives PASSION PIT the pulse of the 90’s sound.

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