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Many people think of a coma as an indefinite blackness—a dreamless sleep that may be fleeting and transient or without ending, sprawling out into the abysmal corners of the human mind. However, from infinite, regressing darkness there can spawn light—a spark of creativity. This spark is Unconscious Minds. As the name implies, Unconscious Minds is the brainchild of lead guitarist, Michael Reyes, who created the Phoenix-based quartet shortly after waking from a coma inflicted by a potentially fatal accident. In spite of skeptical doctors diagnosing the worst for Michael, and in the face possible death, he survived, making a full recovery and plunging into the world of technical, lacerating metal with a thirst for blood. Joined by drummer Fernando Guzman and vocalist Manuel Lopez in early 2011, the first form of Unconscious Minds was completed shortly after the addition of bassist Chris Crane and second guitarist, Gabriel Torres. Once complete, Unconscious Minds put forth a conscious effort to create their first bout of galactically renowned metal, leading to relentless gigging and playing as many shows as possible throughout 2012—until tragedy would strike the band once more. With the tragic passing of Torres in late 2012 and original vocalist Manuel leaving the band in early 2013, things looked grim as the band continued as an instrumetal act—until Chris Daley would emerge as the band’s new and permanent vocalist. With a solidified lineup and a bright future, the band recessed once more into their temple of technical metal to write “Reawakened,” a release that does the band’s complex and incredible history true justice. With skin-shredding riffs and mind-melting technicality, Unconscious Minds are truly the shining spawn of a surreal, limitless, abyss. Built on a history of inventive songwriting and a rocky, turbulent past, Unconscious Minds are proud to present “Reawakened,” a release that shines as brightly as the band’s future.

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Wormo (Guitar) Daley (Vox) Genghis (Bassist/Backup Vocals) frEaKamoTo (dRums)
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Unconscious Minds
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Phoenix, AZ

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