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The Violators were born the moment the parking meter flipped to "violation" as they parked outside of a Reno casino. Broke, hungry and in "violation" in Reno in 1980 set the tone for things to come.

As Keith attended college in 1982 he was randomly assigned a dorm room with Anton and taught him how to play guitar. Anton's high school friend and drummer, Mark, was also attending the same college. Realizing they were only a bass player short of their first band, Keith recruited his high school friend Wynn and taught him how to play bass.

Jamming while in college and later led the Violators to their first gig in 1987 - the grand opening of Keith's father's auto repair garage in Stockton, CA. Keith sang the first song (Tom Petty's I Need to Know) with his eyes closed for fear of rejection and wishing they had put up the chicken wire for protection. But rejected they were not. Playing current rock hits accompanied by abundant alcohol became the formula for success that first night and all those that followed.

The Violators followed with years of playing free and paying gigs from college bars, backyard partys and even a Mormon church dance! No matter the venue, the Violators always played with attitude that outpaced their musical abilities and an enthusiasm that was contagious. "Play the big guy" became the motto of the band and no one has stopped them since.

The Violators played sparingly in the 90s and new decade as they scattered througout California and Nevada in the pursuit of life's distractions. Fortunately for anyone looking for a good time away from the monotony of their daily routine, the Violators rededicated themselves to their music in 2011 and began mixing in original music to their sets.

Today you can still find them "playing the big guy" back in Reno where it all started, AND IT WAS ..... GOOD!

Band Interests
Total domination, playing loud as sh*t, living life hard and going for it

Artists We Also Like
The Scorpions, Joe Bonamassa, 3 Doors Down, Y&T, Michael Schenker

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Keith Cherry, Anton Molly, Wynn Bittern & Mark Terrace
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The Violators
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Reno, NV
James A. Kalicki, Esq.