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(...tha messenger is killed as tha corrupt and tha unjust try"an stifle tha message
but tha message is eternal
...conveyed and given a place to lay its head here
tha message is received,
raised to its proper placement
and given its home here...

i am but a messenger
representin a higher cause, form and measure
than my own...
first given long ago, as tha first drumroll
boasted bone strikin stone...

--found my echo n tha cave now i gotta microphone)

...after tha dismemberment of MAZK Boiz (tha KY branch of Memphis-based production co. ClownMAZK Ent.), Saint Joseph (San Yuey/CEO thinamatic recordingz) sat out on his own, gathering and surrounding himself with only tha creme' de la creme' of local, s.central K-Y lyricists, MCs, B-Boys and producers, co-founding Insomniatica Ink with fellow MC and DJ, writer & producer: HoodyBeatz (Nova Labz) with tha intention of sparkin a renaissance and rebirth of pure, unadulterated "hiphop" that has long-since been overshadowed and pushed under tha rug, so to speak, to make room for tha nauseatingly unreal, unscripted and mass-produced, watered-down version of itself that could only be described as "pop-rap"...Recruiting Stixx Louch into tha mix, tha 3-Man Team was officially born, and along with it, tha dynamic duo of Louch and San Yu' (known as Tha Prognosis). Insomniatica Ink had conceived its niche, and began conveying their philosophical, theological, political and often controversial and abrasive-collective ideologies, into a new-new, soulful and melodic approach to intellectually and lyrically driven music,..appropriately dubbed "Insomnia-Hop" (meaning: anyone who cannot recognize tha raw, tha real, tha wake-up call for an industry grown fake and foul-reminiscent of tha propaganda-fueled guild of commercial songwriters, known as Tin Pan Alley...are in fact, SLEEPIN not only on tha art, but on music as a whole, and maybe most notably... on themselves.. growin too content to be spoonfed by whatever one-hit, corny-dance, billboard craze that tha powers that be deem worthy of airplay (for that particular stale moment in time); for a whole generation of listeners who have become dependent on media influence to tryan tell them what "music" is supposed to sound like, and furthermore, what's in and what's...out. Along tha way, Hoody's brother Grill tha Jersey Boy was added to tha equation, along with former dESP and ClownMAZK affiliate Cronic tha OldManDead, and after searchin tha better part of two decades, for tha missing ingredient, for a side to our story called hiphop, that could only be told from a "metal perspective," Yuey scooped up his long-time partner-in-crime, Kheezous Krist (CDM) equippin his vision with not only another phenomenally gifted lyricist, but brought tha "thinamatic sound" to an all-live-instrument platform, uniting as The Juxtaposers ...an' tha rest is history in tha making...
--HipHop is not a musical genre, but is a way of life, embraced only by real "heads" who cannot be swayed by big rims, juvenile metaphors or 16bar-verse/8bar-hook formats that plague our airwaves, clinging to conformity and biting tha next guy's style, sound and/or delivery, rather than embracing what, from even its humble beginnings gave hiphop its uniqueness, its timelessness,.. tha real reason it eventually grew to spawn its own subculture and way of livin,.. extracting sounds from our daily lives that went on to create an inspired and unified soundtrack to tha struggle and triumphs, love, loss and creativity stemming from a never-before-seen dedication to tha magical and healing, aesthetic and therapeutic powers of music: and that is tha originality that no radio-song, no chart-listing, no record contract could ever replace or begin to duplicate--this originality and personality, this love for tha art itself, that was first captured by pioneers of tha game like Kool Herc', Rakim, Chuck D., De la Soul, or Beastie Boys, initially inspiring tha likes of/and eventually goin on to pass this torch to tha real innovators...guys we still see gracing stages and pages, websites and liner-notes today, in tha art and careers of such true musicians, MCs and Djs as Mos Def, Wu-Tang, DJ Premiere, Freddy Foxxx, dead prez, and The Roots, among others..., real people who have opted to continually give us tha "real" rather than prescribing to tha dogma of an industry and a business hellbent on instituting trends and exploiting tha purity of our beloved and sacred artform..known as HipHop.
may the Blessings and Guidance of Allah be with all of Us
as we embark on our own journey, our musical Jihad of sorts
to ensure that tha peace, tha rejuvenation and originality of HipHop is here to stay, to continue to inspire us for generations to come
and that our children never have to live in a world controlled by an industry propagating tha fictional claim that "HipHop is Dead
(because HipHop is alive and well and residing comfortably right here where we at...) one love, one life...

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Band Members
Yusef Freedomz (yUEy Free), Tha Juxtaposers, Insomniatica Ink, Ground Zero & Tha Prognosis
Artist Name
UE Freeze
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Hip Hop / Lyrical. / Alternative.Spiritual

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Greensburg, KY
Yuey @ (270) 405-0298

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