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Heeeeey!!! My name is Vanessa Reeves and I have been a diva, I mean singer my entire life. Sounds like what all singers say huh? Well, in my case, it's the truth. No really, you should just ask my parents, friends and anyone that had to grow up with me and my constant whaling of Mariah Carey or Celine Dion tunes! Bless their hearts ( and ears)!
But, here's something a lil different! I actually didn't start writing real songs until my 20's! I always felt like I didn't have anything of substance to write about until the release of my first solo effort in July 2011 (J was Here). What a breath of life that year came into me. I was able to write, compose, produce and successfully distribute my music. BOOOM!!

In November of 2012, I met Tosin Awofeso & Dario Aravena who are incredible musicians from a well known fun & highly talented Salsa/Hip Hop group "La Vida Buena". I formed an incredible musical bond that started the wheels of me performing around Austin, TX. The sound I created with them was a bit of Jazz, Funk, R&B, etc. I truly found much more of myself in the music I was able to create with them.

What am I doing since my last performance you ask? Well, I am currently in the studio with an incredible local Austin, TX producer named Brandon White! We are working on expanding my genre to a little House music that will still have elements of all my favorite genres. The new record "Forever" is just a taste of what's to come! I'm super stoked for the entire project to be complete!!! It's a real treat to be working along side someone who's passion for music and ultimate search for those perfect vocals when we are in the studio, is what is gonna take me to a different level in exploring me talents further.

Stay tuned...

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Vanessa Reeves (lead vocals), Tosin Awofeso (keys) , Dario Aravena (Drums) & Ethan Thomas (Electric, Bass)
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Vanessa Reeves
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Austin, TX
Vanessa Reeves