Blondays is an indie-pop group comprised of a violin, guitar, bass, drums and vocals.
With an original repertoire, their songs range from pop and indie to other classical and commercial influences. At the same time, the distinctive sound of the violin brings a uniqueness that serves to identify and distinguish them. They released their first self-produced album, “After the Rain”, which is available on Musikaze and a multitude of online stores (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer).
The group has been well received by critics: “After listening to their work, we noted the genius of their music” (Lamusicasemueve.net). They obtained special recognition in the “Ellas Crean” (Women Create) Festival as “one of the bands that has quickly risen to a position of prestige and acceptance”, and as a result, were awarded the “Musikaze Prize” at Wolfest this past October.
In the shadows of the talented María (lead singer) are the vocals of Lucía (violin and vocals) and Miguel (bass and vocals). The rhythmic base is attributed to Rachel, born in the city of Motown, with a groove and natural flow. Harmonies and rhythm fuse together on the Telecaster of Mercedes (guitarist), bringing a unique color and sensibility. On the bass, Miguel completes the formula, offering his years of musical experience.

Getting the Band Together
How did four girls from different worlds come to know each other? The key to this union was the one and only guy in Blondays, Miguel Angel (bassist). By chance, he met Rachel (drummer) at an English course, Mercedes (guitarist) at work, Lucia (violinist) through a mutual acquaintance and María through years of sharing the stage together in a band which they had both since parted ways with. In October of 2010, he arranged a meeting with the four girls and they started playing together, sharing a connection from the first minute. Since then, the five have done their own tour of popular small venues in Madrid, and self-produced their first album entitled “After the Rain”.

After the first few rehearsals, where they played covers, soon Miguel Ángel and Mercedes began to feel the need to start composing their own music, which was how their original tracks were brought to life. From there, they were able to prepare a large repertoire of songs to play at live shows and to record and produce in their home studio.

Live Performances
When performing live, Blondays don’t disappoint. Offering a new and fresh sound, they fill the stage with an enormous presence while at the same time lending professionalism and creativity to their interpretations. They have performed many concerts at various locals throughout the Madrid area, including Honky Tonk, La Boca del Lobo, Sala Juglar, Café la Palma and el Bôite.

Criticism and Publicity
Critics have had a warm reception for this Madrid based group, and their reviews can be read in both online magazines and print journalism. They were involved in the Ellas Crean 2012 festival and associated with La Noche en Vivo, which both took place in Madrid. They have also made radio appearances, doing interviews and playing live acoustic songs.

Musical Style

The style of Blondays music ranges from traditional pop to the indie scene. Their songs are in English, accompanied by typical rock and roll instruments, and the presence of the violin gives them shades of folk and a more traditional sound. The two composers of the group have very different styles. Blondays songs are based on cotidianos themes and deal with passion, current societal problems, survival and strength. This symbiosis between music and lyrics provokes songs that are sure to move you with their simplicity and sensitivity, transmitting optimism and good vibrations to anyone who listens.


Miguel’s influences come from classic bands such as The Beatles, Police, Tower of Power, Simon and Garfunkel, Phil Collins and Paul Carrak. On the other hand, Mercedes leans toward more alternative rock, drawing her inspiration from Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Nirvana, Guns ‘n’ Roses and The Cranberries. Due to the predominately female composition of the group, others have compared them to bands like Bangles, The Corrs and The Cranberries.

General Info

Band Members
Lucía, Rachel, Miguel, María, Mercedes
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Pop / Indie / Folk

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Madrid, ES

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