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Bobby Hackney is the Bass Player and lead vocalist for Death. From his early age in elementary school, Bobby wrote and read his poetry in front of his fourth grade class. Bobby got his start on the Bass guitar in 1969 after brother David mischievously sold a guitar that Bobby got for Christmas to a local pawn shop. Instead of re-purchasing the guitar, Bobby placed a lay-away down payment on a Bass guitar that caught his eye. With much practice and determination, by the start of 1971, Bobby was prolific on Bass guitar and with much encouragement from his two brothers, he began to play with them. Continuing to study and learn the Bass, Bobby sought out and studied the styles of Motown’s James Jamerson, John Entwhistle, John Paul Jones, and Jazz Bassmen such as Ron Carter, Charles Mingus, and Stanley Clarke, but what really intrigued Bobby was the Bass Players who could also sing while playing such as Paul McCartney and Jermaine Jackson. So Bobby began to sing and play Bass developing a singing/playing style all of his own. Bobby continued to write Poetry and as he became a better musician, his Bass playing began to complement his poetry writing, matching words to Bass lines and Rhythms, Bobby became a music songwriter, and the main lyricist for all of the Hackney Boys musical endeavors and upon studying intensely the Business side of music, became the groups catalog and archive Director.

Dannis Hackney the drummer of Death is the engine that provides power to the hard driving Rock-N-Roll sound of Death. Dannis got his start as a drummer by playing on a living room trash can his Mother had purchased from a department store that looked strikingly similar to a floor tom of a drumset. Turning the trash can upside down and placing two butter knives on the base, made it sound just like a snare drum. One day Mrs. Hackney discovered the many dents from drumsticks on her trash can and helped Dannis to purchase his first full set. With much practice and determination, Dannis went on to become a solid drummer with an unprecedented ability to lock into complex time signatures. Dannis studied the styles of many drummers and was influenced by such greats as Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich,, Motown’s Benny Benjamin, Keith Moon, Don Brewer, Jon Bonham, and Buddy Miles to name a few. With Dannis, its all about, and always will be about the drums The super sonic drumbeats displayed on "For The Whole World To See" were conceived by Dannis when David and Bobby would describe the sound type they were looking for in songs. If the sound was described as a train rolling, Dannis would emulate that sound in a beat, if the sound was described as a machine or any other sound described, Dannis would emulate the sound in a drumbeat. In 1975 during the recording of the tracks at Detroit’s United Sound Studio, the recording engineers could not stop talking about how tight Dannis played those tracks on the drums.

Bobby Duncan is the current Guitarist for Death. Bobby Hackney was introduced to Bobbie Duncan through the mutual friendship of their two wives. Bobbie is an accomplished Guitarist, vocalist,Songwriter, Arranger and Producer coming from Harlem New York. Having done session work at Sony Studios, Hit Factory, Unique Studios, and Electric Lady and from running his own label and studio operation of recording and producing. Bobbie has worked with,such notables as The Poindexters Brothers, and the Alleems Brothers in support of Jocelyn Brown and Ronnie Dyson. Bobbie has also performed on shows with Blue Magic, Keith Sweat and a host of others. How did a guy like Bobbie Duncan end up with two guys like Bobby and Dannis Hackney in Jericho/Underhill Vermont?? The Hackney Brothers are somewhat amazed by this themselves, connecting the sequence of meeting Bobbie to David Hackney himself. Could David have had a hand in this? After 9/11 Bobbie’s sister already living in Vermont, convinced Bobbie to move his family to the tranquility of Vermont and how uncanny that he is not only within the same age group as David Hackney, but comes from the same era and timeline of musical background (late 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond). Bobbie knows Rock-N-Roll, Blues, Soul Music, Jazz Music, Reggae, and American Standards, a perfect fit for Death.

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Bobby Hackney, Bobbie Duncan, Dannis Hackney, David Hackney
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Michael Alston

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