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Manuel Montoya is a 23 year old musician who lives in the city of Riverside, California. He began playing the guitar at age 9. The guitar was an old beat up broken electric guitar that his grandpa had found in a dumpster in the late 70's. He spend countless hours playing it without any lessons at all, but rather fiddling with it until something sounded "good" or "pleasing to the ears," and at times would play until his fingers bled and his fret hand would stiffen up. He began writing music when he was 12, nothing with depth, just playful rhymes and word play. His material didn't begin to have any kind of depth until he reached the age 14 when he wrote songs like, "Don't Leave Me Alone," "Giant," "If you can't Fly," and "Pretty Girl." From there he played shows at varies open mics, and venues like The Wire. Over the years he's experimented with different sounds and genres, that being Industrial, Techno, Metal, Funk/Rap, Pop, Grunge, and folk.

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Riverside, CA