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A musical prodigy by age 8, he was raised in a loving supportive environment. Both nurtured and encouraged to excel. His life was what every child should have the opportunity to experience. On the eve of his 13th birthday, he was awoken, bound and gagged. A hood was coarsely draped over his head as he was torn from his home in the dead of night, his screams silenced by savage blows to his head and body.
Upon arrival at his destination he could hear muffled voices as he was pulled from the vehicle that ushered him there. His hood was removed and he saw at least a dozen robed figures, all were chanting and had some form of dead animal in there bloodied hands. As he struggled, each of his limbs were held down across a flat rocky outcropping. Two more chanting figures appeared on either side of his restrained body. As both figures raised brutal looking blades over his chest, their hoods slipped off their heads. The last thought his mortal brain was straining to comprehend was why his parents were about to eviscerate him.
The next week his rotting corpse was found, hanging from its own intestines, in the vicinity of enchanted rock.
It should have all ended right then and there, except, covens are stocked with morons. So eager to please a master they greatly underestimate, that an adage has formed over the centuries, the Devil is in the details. Two very important factors were neglected in his sacrifice. First, he was an unbaptized innocent, second, his heart was not removed and fed on by the coven. For future reference, when trying to please the master, do your homework. This is one course you cant' fail!
Due to these two oversights, Charon could not ferry his soul completely to Hell, only the gates of Purgatory were open to him. Time not being linear in the Underworld, it passes slowly. His soul aged. The only thing that kept him from total insanity was his music, but, what was once so beautiful and pure, mutated into something dark, haunting and beat driven. Beats so hypnotizing , Purgatory's other souls were drawn to him in force obedience. After enough time passed he realized that he had accumulated enough souls and perfected his sound to the point that he could open a rift back to the mortal plane.
He had been gone 15months yet aged 15years. In time he found that his music could possess mortals and the souls he claimed allowed him to harness a power he used to obliterate his enemies and all those who tried to stop him. His only curse, an unquenchable thirst for vice and taste for witches blood. As long as he kept feeding on alcohol, drugs and blood he was an evil God. He moves through time without a name, yet his faithful followers know his as...TSM

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Electronica / Indie / Hip Hop

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Austin, TX

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