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Rob Riggs and Jeff Faris(from Kill the Messenger) responded to a posting that Troy Moses and Jeff Sibert were looking for bass and vocals for an original band in the vein of Slayer, Godsmack and Disturbed. After teh first practice, everyone knew this was definitely going to be heavier and more brutal than Godsmack or Disturbed. We got the ball Rolling with Toll and Authority. After 4 months Jeff Faris was pulled away from vocal duties due to accepting a killer job that was unfortunately on 3rd shift. We looked for a vocalist for several months, but no one could come close to touching the vocal ability of Rob Riggs who was covering back up vocal duties. By default, and preference of Troy and Jeff Sibert, Rob Riggs assumed vox responsibilities and we again started moving ahead. In a years time we had expanded our set list to 4 completed songs and 2 or 3 in development. Since we did not have a full set to start booking shows we worked on tightening up the 4 completed tunes and focused a lot of energy into completing the others to give us an 8 song set list. We debuted our material at a party Jeff Sibert threw at his pad in October of 2010. Giving our friends and coworkers a little taste of what Desensitized was bringing to the plate. Everyone liked what they heard and encouraged us to keep at it, while also providing some valuable constructive Criticism to assist us in polishing up some of the songs. We had made an attempt to host our first show, that would be all ages, at a little place called Ava's Pub in the Spring of 2011. Misfortune struck upon our first hosting endeavor, when we arrived to start setting up, the bar owner informs us that there will not be an all ages event. Show number one, flushed down the toilet. Back to the basement for another bout of song writing and plotting to takeover the world. Or at least when we want to book another show. We got that opportunity in the fall of 2011, when we were invited to perform at the Okeana Metalfest XIV. We seared a few faces and blew a few minds. All in all, we were widely accepted and received compliments after the performance. This got the ball rolling, we tasted blood again, or at least the rush of performing live! We reconvened and decided we needed to start getting some shows booked. Voila! We set up our second first show at Another Bar, in Cleves OH. As fate would have it, or at least some more bad luck, one of the bands cancelled off the bill, and they were the only other band. This time, we said f*%& it. The show must go on! We were preparing to be the only entertainment for the evening when I was approached by Jeff Sibert's brother, Craig. He told me that he had a band and if we were cool with it, they would like to open for Desensitized.

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Rob - Vocals/Bass, Troy Moses - Guitar, Jeff Sibert - Drums
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Metal / Death Metal / Thrash

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Erlanger, KY