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Al started his musical yearnings at an early age in his life, porposefully missing the school bus in the first grade to walk home humming songs to himself. Trifling on an old acoustic guitar his mom had and a piano at his aunts house he taught himself how to play. When in Junior High Al formed a band in a friends garage with some borrowed instruments that lasted through High School. At 18 Al moved to California where he played in and managed numerous bands throughout the '80's and early '90's in the San Jose, Ca. area. In 1993 Al moved back to his hometown of Salt Lake City, Ut. where he joined and/or helped a number of bands in the salt Lake area throughout the late '90's. With the turn of the century we found Al driving 18 wheelers for a while which took him away from the local music scene but did not deter his making of music. He didn't have as much time to spend on music but stop he did not, making hours of music on his DAT machine, which brings us to today. As this artist takes his music and creativity to the ultimate heights with his raw energy and passion for all sounds. An accomplished rock and roll guitar player who began his experimental yearnings at an early time in his career he has been heading in a new direction that will send his noteriety into the spotlight for decades to come. Al has been playing guitar and drums since the age of 6 and keyboards since 10 and singing basically his whole life. All songsmithing done by Al Davoren so far.

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Magic Mike, King Of Hearts and Foreskin on vocals / Ace Diamond on guitar / Foreskin on bass / Warhead on drums and percussion / Magic Mike on keys
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Circle A Enterprises / Native American Martian
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Rock / Multi-stylist / Multi-instrumentalist

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Sandy, UT

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