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I am all about making good music. Like, legit good music. Music with luscious and unexpected harmonies, lyrics thoughtfully constructed, and carefully put together. Most of my lyrics are implying something other than the obvious.
For the most part, my lyrics are inspired by personal experiences... But I do also write from the point of view of others.

I grew up listening mostly to Soul, RnB and R
ap music. It is honestly a wonder how I did not turn out to be a rapper, because by age 14, I was fully immersed in the genre. This was an *obvious* choice, being a white Jewish girl, from Australia, who played first violin in the school orchestra. I do however consider myself half-black. And no one can take this from me.
I was a dancer also... Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern... Competed, and won various competitions. It was my life, until about age 16. At that point, I decided to rebel, and started to take singing more seriously. I decided that Janet Jackson was more appropriate for my music exam, than Mozart. And that was the beginning of my new life. Back then it was almost cool to do musicals, and well, I did them too. All of them. I traveled to Disney Land, at age 18 to perform. It was awesome.

After high school, I left Australia, and moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. I was a songwriting major, and it was a fantastic experience.

I LOVE to write songs. Like, L-O-V-E. Mostly between the hours of 4 and 9am. I am a morning person, and also a night person. All hours, really.
I wrote extremely depressing poetry as a child, and consequently it seems to have crossed over into adulthood through my songwriting. Ironically, I am an extremely upbeat person, and am overly excited 90% of the time. Sometimes I am so excited, that I stop speaking for days. This often gets misinterpreted as shyness.
Total introvert. But, if I like you, I will either run far, far away, or stalk you on the internet, and secretly write songs about you.

I like to curse. A lot. But actually, I think I have earned the right to curse, because I consider myself an intellectual, and an advanced English speaker. I read the dictionary, for fun, you know?! But don't worry, I will not curse around your children, much.

I recorded my EP ,“My Only”, in Australia in 2010... It was when I was painfully waiting for my artist visa to be approved. Motherfuckers took 6 months to get that shit through. Oh yes, I am from Sydney... But New York is my home! Been here for 4 years. Considering a bi-coastal situation at some point in the future, but the intensity of NYC suits me rather perfectly.

Additional considerations:

I am married to my Nord keyboard. It is red, like me.
Red and Leopard Print are my favorite colors.
"Red" is also my nickname.
I am a vegan.
I have 3 younger brothers.
I am obsessed with lions and unicorns.
Jay-Z is my favorite human.
I workout. A lot.
I have competed all over the world as a snowboarder.
I have almost no skills in any area, besides music. weeeeeee!!!!!
I can play the cello, violin and piano.

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Lucinda Ora
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New York, NY

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