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Dave and Scott are both products of A loving mother and Father. Both were introduced to music at a very young age and actually liked it more than playing outside or blowing things up.
Dave was a child prodigy who took up the guitar at an early age and quickly destroyed it because in his words "If you love something you must destroy it". In his early teens he was compelled to buy a guitar. He began writing music with lyrics that were inspirational to some and utterly devastating to others. Dave played in many different bands in the Northwest before moving to the Heartland to write and record music with several different artists. After a couple years he knew it was time to move back to the Northwest where he met Scott.

Scott was introduced to the String Bass at the incredibly tender age of 9 yrs old. He quickly learned that it was a special instrument that could produce a range of sounds and emotions that mirrored what he felt inside. It is rumored that he would take his bass in his bed and play it in his sleep. After 4 years of practice and learning his instrument he began playing with anyone who would play with him. He joined metal bands, swing orchestras, rock bands, country bands... any band that would have him. Scott eventually moved around the country playing music in places like Tennessee and Texas. Eventually he was driven to move back to the Northwest and that is where he met Dave playing on a street corner to a crowd..

After their fateful meeting Dave and Scott soon joined/formed a rock band called NoRest that grew into an underground urban legend. After performing for a couple years as NoRest the group dissolved and Dave and Scott decided it was time to return to making music that was pure and simple. That is exactly what they are doing every weekend, making music that has a story to tell with a voice that they hope identifies with you.

If you love music for what it is intended then you should come out to one of their shows or book them for your festival, bar, house party, or whatever else.

Much Love,

Dave and Scott

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Dave Ortiz and Scott Anderson with others
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Dave and Scott
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Indie / Acoustic / Singer Songwriter

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Richland, WA

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