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Rory met the Possum Holler Boys (Earl, Zeke, Deke and, of course, Bob) several years ago. Multi-talented as back-up singers (so sorely needed) and as instrumentalists, the Boys work exclusively for Rory, and are on-call 24/7. The caricatures do them no justice. The photos are of a generic mountain family, as the Possum Holler Boys allow no photographs, for fear of their souls being sucked into the nether world. New Horizons extends the hand of friendship to all from Possum Holler. The Possum Holler Boys, although ageless and timeless, have only crept outside my imagination for a short time. All of the instrumentals and back-up vocals on my modest recordings are done by the Boys. They work exclusively for me, and are adamant about not appearing live for any events. We, therefore, enjoy only a "recording relationship".

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Rory, Earl, Deke, Zeke & of course, Bob
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Rory & the Possum Holler Boys
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Minneapolis, MN
Rory Thompson