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Hey guys we're just song writers, we don't play out or cut CD's. We love to find other artist to cut and record our songs. If you hear anything on our page that you'd like to record please just message us for more information. We post new songs on a very regular basis so keep a check on us.....! For more information about us please read our bio below.

Their name Mason Jar is symbolic of their roots as well as the name of the first song Jeff Sargent and Dwayne Moore ever wrote together and the rest is just history. They are just two simple guys from a small town sharing a very unlikely journey with music. Jeff simply had a God given talent and ear for music from a very early age. He actually started playing piano at just 4 years old. Jeff’s first real guitar was a 12 string, but that didn’t seem to phase him at all, by the end of the day he had figured it out. Dwayne says “Jeff is a wonderful choice for a young song writer or singer to work with. He has a unique way of taking the emotions from the lyrics of a writer and causes them to come alive with music for a writer and can simply hear of a song. He can help a young singer in so many ways. I also think Jeff works hard to ensure that the song expresses the feeling of the lyrics. He always amazes me of how he just finds the right sound and rhythm.”
Jeff’s partner Dwayne has quickly amazed even some of the elite in the music industry with his ability to create lyrics that speak to the heart of so many people. Dwayne has lived a very full and interesting life for a young man just in his forties. He spent the majority to his life as a state law enforcement officer responsible for investigating tragic situations. He later became a youth pastor and successful business and life coach by utilizing his unique background to help other. His own life has also been one of triumph over difficulty.
This is what Jeff has to say about his partner “I will never forget the day Dwayne brought his first lyrics over to the house. I really had no idea, what to expect. He then told me he had written the song in about 15 minutes. I couldn’t believe it until I read the words and in 15 minutes I had put the music to the words and our first song was born. I have worked with Dwayne on many projects but none dealing with music. He stayed far away form music being told he was tone deaf and not playing any instruments. Well this has been an unreal experience. Dwayne has that uncanny ability to take any subject and write about it in a way that everyone can experience those feelings and emotions that most of us have lived. I’m not sure how he does it, but add a few chords and his songs just speak to you like poetry and you know exactly what he is trying to say. And by the way remember that first song was a little tune called “Pennies In A Mason Jar.”
They are both very blessed to have a secret weapon Jennifer Sargent who just happens to be Jeff’s wife singing many of their demo songs. Dwayne says “A great singer like Jennifer can make even my bad lyrics sound good at times… We are so thankful to have Jennifer she just makes a song come alive”!
Dwayne also wanted to thank a couple of his dear friend, Gordon Bickers for giving loaning him a real guitar to play while he was writing lyrics and encouraging him to keep writing and Bud Billings for teaching him 3 chords on the guitar and encouraging him to take a chance.
If you have something in your heart we want to encourage you to get it out. It has been said “that there are no bad songs only good ones and a few great ones”. If you have a song write it, play it or sing it…You just never know the plans that God may have. We may not be good at what we’re doing but we sure do love it and to us that’s what counts the most. We love making music with our friends and maybe someone else will enjoy what we do… Live life… you only get this one shot at it… Thanks for reading and we would love for you to leave us a comment. If you want to use any of our work or even work with us… just leave us a message – Jeff & Dwayne

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