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Gotham City Troubadour [aka - AJ's BraveHearts] is a Monsters Of Rock Cruise alumni during 2013 & 2014. Check us out on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2015 with our new album. Can't wait to see you at the shows!

Gotham City Troubadour (aka - AJ's BraveHearts) is an American rock band formed July of 2011 in Pensacola, FL. Rising from the ashes of a sun-baked environment, fate pulled together the most ambitious rock 'n roll vamps to create a juggernaut to be reckoned with. AJ, Michael, Jeremiah and Wayne have become willing slaves to the beckoning monster called Gotham City Troubadour. This is a band that blends the difficult with the obscure, the sexy with the hard core, the rock with the soul and a whole lot of rock n' roll attitude. If you want to listen to the same old "stepped on a pop top blew out my flip flop" carbon copy style of entertainment then this is not the band for you. If you want an arena feeling show and have a need to get rocked, we give you Gotham City Troubadour!
Led by former Queensryche "American Soldier", this beast from the east is the live wire that spearheads Gotham City Troubadour. The infectious compatibility between my band-mates and myself are apparent through our motivational music. I feed off their onslaught and proceed to embrace anything that crosses my path. Emotionally driven, AJ's heart and soul set the standard as a conscientious showman. I live for the crowd; we together are active participants in this beautiful assembly of sound. I consider our band to be "the peoples champ". After all, the people are what it's all about. I'm so proud they allow us to be a representative of their culture and spirit. We will NOT let them down.
Jeremiah was commissioned into reality with desire programmed into his system, to create rhythmic vibrations and collections of well placed shredding notes through a product called the guitar. Recently awakened to the digital transmission titled, "Gotham City Troubadour", Jeremiah has tapped into his inner hard drive, unleashing his version of the virus known as metal musique. His directive is to contaminate Earth with this weapon by alluring the addictive side of human nature through his bands recordings and performances until all conform to his vision.
Since his days as a kid, Wayne was programmed to attack an audience with his bass guitar. His locked and loaded, rock n' roll style of bass playing now woven into the Gotham City Troubadour fabric of sound, Wayne Vannoy is a definite presence that cannot be ignored. Stalking every part of the stage to include all of the fans in our show. The monstrous growling of low end he conjures up provides the perfect layer of thickness to rumble the crowd into a frenzy. When each show is done, the lights fade and the curtain draws to a close, only then does Wayne feel his sense of accomplishment, but this passion will need to be fed again.
Through the fault of his influences, Michael began his expedition of honing his drumming and visual abilities at an early age. "Stick tricks always seem to find their way into my playing because of my need to reach for the stars." When you hear and then see Michael with Gotham City Troubadour, it is obvious this troupe has something different to offer, musically and emotionally. The band has live shows with a ton of energy, along with songs you won't be able to get out of your head after you hear us play them. Michael's kit is set up in a way that is very specifically visual. It's like being able to see a warrior, behind a white machine, that sounds like a thousand horses being ridden into battle! Always strive...

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AJ Fratto - Vocals, Jeremiah Petty - Guitar, Gary Humphrey - Guitar, Wayne Vannoy - Bass, Michael Lukers - Drums/backing vocals/recording
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Gotham City Troubadour
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Pensacola, FL

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