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As far back as I can remember music has always been around me, weather it was listening to family members playing bluegrass and country, or lisening to my mom play the same old six records in our little old single wide trailer I grew up in. Those five records I believe shaped a musical journey that I have been on for many,many years.
Those six records were the following, Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard,Conway Twitty, Waylon Jennings, Oakridge Boys and Bob Seger, and to this day I can still here those songs in the exact order they were played and whats even funnier to me is I can play probably 80% of the songs on those albums.My musical journey really begins with becoming part of a well established band called Sidewinder, who had lost their lead singer I was what they was looking for, somebody who didnt have much experiance but was hungry to learn what it was to be in a gigging bar band, well I did and I hit the thing at full throttle and what do you know we became a real force to be reconed with a full schedule traveling all over the U.S. playing bike weeks,and every dive bar, pub and festival around. Sharing the stage with some of our heroes like Blackberry Smoke, and the list goes on and on. Ten years we was together , It was the first and the last band I ever played with.
In 2011, I decided to just focus on family and stepped away from all the hustle and fast paced life that a band seems to bring, and really just wanted a layed back schedule, so slowly I just started really writing songs and focused on a completely differant approach to music then ever before, now I might add I really got to feeling good about being a solo artist when people actually wanted to book me for private parties and showing up at shows on a regular basis, and places wanted to put me on a regular weekly schedule that was as far from what I ever expected, I thought I would pick up a show here and there and the rest would be history, but I stepped back for a second , got orginized and said if I am enjoying this as much as the folks coming out to see me, how can I do this right. That I think is were we are today I went in the studio in the summer of 2013 with a handfull of songs and an idea that I wanted a album that sounded like I was sitting in your living room playing an acoustic guitar and singing, and thats just what I did. I got with a great producer, Lee Mahaney and told him my idea and he put together some studio time and we recorded the first of nine songs, we completed the project in the fall of 2013 , and what you here is really how it was recorded there was no editing ,no correcting this or that, It was one take and that was it, yes we added a little percusion and some harmonica but we kept it true to the design of a "raw" sound, and that is my first solo album "Six String Manifesto" , its a mix of mostly original material and I added some songs that were written by amazing song writers like Channing Wilson, and Drake White, I am proud of the piece of work and look forward to recording again in the spring of 2015.

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Jason Ritchie - Vocals
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Jason Ritchie
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Americana / Outlaw/Hippie

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Owensville, OH

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