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The Mail-Order Brides ARE rock 'n roll incarnate. The sound of the M-OB is greater than the sum of Trotter's stripped-down, syncopated rhythms, Bigg Tony's raunchy, bluesy riffing, and D'Artagnan Fox's soulful, dynamic vox and dirty-witty lyrics.

The Brides' stage show is so energetic, if the Jolly Green Giant stuffed the world's largest fork into a nuclear powered toaster, the resulting explosion would be the first song in the set. Brimming with hot tube overdrive, jungle beats and audio-visual sex, the M-OB is a force of nature. When you come to a show, you'll rock out like a Flintstone and boogie down with swanky guys and footloose dolls. You'll sputter out sentence fragments and light things on fire. You'll more than likely get drunk and hook up!

So strap on your kicks and join the M-OB! The music will rock, the good times will roll, and the party will rage like a rock 'n roll soundgasm on satin sheets.

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D'Artagnan Fox, Bigg Tony, The Captain, Moonlight
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The Mail-Order Brides
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Blues / Rock 'n Roll / Garage

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Mission, KS