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With a solid mix of soft-styled vocals over melodic riffs, all the way to a borderline metal, mosh-inducing frenzy, Honestlie is determined to be a force to be reckoned with in the modern day music industry. In a region that has made its mark with sludge metal and hardcore, out comes a band that has established itself as a stand out for their hard rock sound. Come to an Honestlie show and you will be greeted by the sweet opening tunes of “Bitter”. And just when you think you know how to classify their music, out comes a slowly intensifying set, consisting of the zombie-themed “Run For Your Life”. Then, to make sure they make a lasting impression on the crowd, the energy is turned up to 11 to close out the set with songs such as “Sick As Me”. Honestlie dares you to define what they are at every turn, never wanting to settle into a defined genre or category. They write what they feel at the moment, as that is about as “honest” as you can get as a musician.
As the music varies, Honestlie is forever willing- and able- to share a stage with any act willing, as evidenced by the bands/artists they have shared the stage with, including Saliva, Silversel, Molly Hatchet and Straight Line Stitch. So come on and get on the train, because Honestlie is calling “All aboard!”, and only picking up speed with every passing moment!

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Reggin - Vocals/guitar, Lance Adair - Drums, Riley Vest - Bass
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Rock / Hard Rock / Heavy Melodic

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Richmond Hill, GA