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What makes Fields of Fury unique is their ability to mix several different musical approaches into one cohesive unit that seems to maintain structural integrity without gratuitous use of duct tape.

Differences in the members musical background provide an interesting sound. Randy, a former member of the technical rock/metal band, Cassiopia, brings the raw, "in your face", sound that many have come to love. Claude, raised on the Oregon coast, has a solid "west-coast" blues sounds that makes an interesting melodic contrast. Tim, also known in his own tongue as "Teem," is fresh off the plane from Africa and brings a classically trained jazz sound to percussion. His ability to use a smaller, 4 piece kit to produce a wall of percussion is unique in and of itself.

2012 has seen the addition of Jason Sheafer, a python-wrestling, knife-wielding missionary maniac (and co-director of Hope Sudan Intl Charity Organization with Randy). It was an added bonus to find out he could play the bass after having him join the band (we just needed some eye candy on stage). Jason has an eclectic taste in music that has resulted in practices being broken up by random bouts of singing Taio Cruz and They Might Be Giants.

With that you have Fields of Fury, a band that above all else desires to bring people to the Lord and provide a positive atmosphere for all who come to see them play.

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Randy, Claude, Jason, Tim
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Fields Of Fury
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Kansas City, KS
Leroy Flickner

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