It all started with a question between two friends: Why don’t we hear more great rock music in Spanish on par with the level of rock music here in the U.S.? That was a question fellow musicians and best friends J.A. "AL" Alvarez (bass, arrangements, music, lyrics) and Heri (Pronounced: Eddie) Colón, Jr. (vocals, guitars, lyrics, music, arrangements) had been asking themselves for a long time.

In 2010, they decided to form a band of their own primarily for the Spanish rock market with two primary goals in mind: 1. Write great rock songs in Spanish and some in English that sound AS GOOD AS or BETTER than the songs they were hearing on the radio in the U.S., and 2. Perform and play at the highest level possible...and AUDIOCONTTROL was born!

AUDIOCONTTROL is a bilingual project from the start. They chose the name because it’s pronounced the same in Spanish and English. The name of the band is spelled with two "T's" because the name "audiocontrol" with one "T" was taken in various forms. However, they quickly realized the name with two T's was meant to be...because the “T’s” could represent two crosses, religious symbols yes, but also an association with the good in life and a positive message they wanted to promote in their music. But also the two "T's" symbolize two individuals whose paths crossed to create the rock music THEY wanted to hear.

Because Heri lives in Maryland and Al in Texas, they began collaborating, bouncing ideas back and forth, and writing songs via the internet. As each song started taking shape, they decided it was best for Heri to fly to Houston, TX to record their first 6 song EP. The songs finally came to life with the help from various friends and musicians that have played in bands with Al and Heri over the years...And that's the basic story of the beginning of AUDIOCONTTROL.

They plan to play and promote their music anywhere and everywhere possible, and to continue to churn out rock music hits that any fan of the Spanish rock genre or even fans that don't understand Spanish can connect with and be very proud to say "AUDIOCONTTROL ROCKS!!!"

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Al Alvarez - Bass/Producer, Heri Colon Jr. - Vocals/Guitars/Co-producer, Al Alvarez - Bass/Songwriting
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Rock / Alternative / Rock en Español

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Houston, TX
WMO Management LLC

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