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Producer and rapper for Finding Neverwhere. Working on his first album called "Ready For War", ready for war features artist such as Deathflare, Zeak the Freak, and Demo Demon. The album is said to be released by late summer or early winter. The album features songs such as "Down with the devil", "Bring it back", "Burn in hell" and many more.

The Heretic was born in Oklahoma city and is now living in Colorado Springs or "Hell" as he likes to call them. The Heretic says that on his upcoming album he will work with rappers such as "RAGE", "Patient 666", "The Wicked Jester", and "The Which Doctor". All of the rappers named above have never been heard of or seen by anyone. The Heretic is known by most people because of his visually striking mask interviewers sat down with The Heretic to talk about his mask and he had this to say.

Interviewer "Tell us about your mask why do you wear it?"

The Heretic "I wear it cause It is who I am, it is me, it is The Heretic, I am The Heretic."

Interviewer "Okay well tell us who is under that mask?"

The Heretic"All I can tell is its one ugly ass kid."

Interviewer"haha okay now tell us how did you get founded and become a producer and rapper for Finding Neverwhere?"

The Heretic"well I put down a beat in this group on Facebook and Deathflare asked me to put a beat on one of his acapella songs and I did and he really liked it. And then later on Zeak the Freak made me a producer then I showed him a song of me covering a song and he liked so I became a rapper after that."

Interviewer"That is interesting what about Demo Demon you said your gonna be doing some stuff with him can you give us some information about that?"

The Heretic"Yes umm Demo Demon and I will be doing some songs on my album "Ready For War" and we will also be doing some other stuff that I don't think Im aloud to say right now"

Interviewer " Okay cool well thats all the time we got for now we will talk to you later"

The Heretic "okay see ya"

Keep checking in on The Heretic's Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Heretic/315538188482295 and he will be releasing his album "Ready For War" in late summer or early winter so keep that in mind, be sure to get it when it comes out.

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