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We're the No EGOs Movement a community of Artists/Performers/ writers/ actors/ actresses/ comedians/ models/ producers/ choreographers/ Vocalist/ dancers/ poets/ culinary specialists etc ... And the list goes on and on who are driven and determined to CHANGE the quality of ENTERTAINMENT Produced in the city of H-town aka Houston Texas...

We believe in networking with art lovers and artists locally and aboard giving them a PLATFORM to showcase their talents and linking them with other driven like minded individuals who aspire to do business..

We offer advice / development and guidance to all our members who need direction or resources to aid them in their Artistic Journey... We offer legal assistance, artist development, resource referrals etc...

The entertainment industry can be a cold cold place to exist in if you stand alone.. But we provide a community of fellow compadres :) who will look stand with u... Support you.. And offer u aid in any way possible...

Success is inevitable when u have the right network of people and No EGOs is just that.. A group of humbly gifted and talent individuals who provide quality entertainment for the masses both locally and abroad...

We currently Host a series of events that provide platforms from amateur to professional where the talented and artistically driven can showcase to the PUBLIC...

CUSHION & Cocktails "Big BREAK Tues"
Amateur Talent Showcase
Azul Lounge 9880 Buffalo Speedway @ Hwy 610

CENTER Stage Thurs
Original Artist's Showcase
410Main/Prairie St Downtown @
(Fashion/ Music/ Poetry/ Rap/ Abstract Art / Dance /Culinary Art etc.)

FRIDAYz (Monthly Sociale)
Networking/ Entertainment Event...
Address ?
(Dj, Dancing, Album release party, unplugged jam sessions that platforms the art tomorrow FUTURE Superstars HOLLYWOOD Style...)

Concert Style Dinner Show
12510 N.Fwy Vincenzos Italian Grill
(A Social Event where professional entertainers perform for Houston's grown &sexy socialites..)

We would love for u to take advantage of any of theses platforms but I definitely thing CENTER Stage Thursday would be great.. Because it provides an openly artistic platform for artists to entertain and showcase their talent through their own creative interpretations... No holds barred LIVE and In COLOR

We Interview the artists so that all the supporters and attendees can take an inside look at their journey to success on a road called STARDOM... The audience get a chance to find out where you come from/ the hardships your encountered... Where u going... And what drives the passion you have to entertain and touch the lives of many through your art...

Please feel free to contact us we are eager to work with you and excited that our paths have crossed... We believe that nothing is happenstance but that everything happens for a reason... New opportunities give way to New possibilities ... We can't wait to hear from you...

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R&B/Soul / Singer/Songwriter / Pop

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Houston, TX