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Benanthrope is an up and coming 'rock' quintet swerving through lanes of alt-country, pop, experimental and indie rock pulled by under currents of psychedelia, folk, blues, jazz, and classic rock. Their full live instrumentation includes pedal steel, organs, harmonicas, synths and dreamy delay feedback noises with reverb-laced vocals while their freshman recording efforts, with their warm lo-fi aesthetic, go on to feature acoustic piano, banjo, mandolin, dobro, fiddle, and actual live barnyard animals routed through analog delay pedals.

Benanthrope is comprised of:

Andy Matter, who lays down the bass with the finest; with the perspective of hearing it from behind a drum set and guitar in his other projects.

Rory Hanka: Kentuckiana's fanciest of organ/keys ticklers... He is the hock of the ham in hammond B3, the dark sith of synth, and the chancellor of wurlitzer.

Ross Whitaker. A natural pro. He studied music at several universities and teaches guitar for a living and a few years ago picked up the pedal steel guitar. He's Nashville good.

Jason Walker -A musician's drummer. Versatile, and dynamic, he creates a solid foundation and sets up and eases into each transition from verse to chorus to bridge from song to song.

Benanthrope is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Ben Anthrope, who is an alternate personality of Ben Lally who years ago was tongue-in-cheek dubbed Benanthrope by a kitchen supervisor due to harmless, yet misanthropic leanings.

Ben, being raised around bluegrass and classic country in rural, small town Kentucky spent his youth looking elsewhere for inspiration. Once settling in the Central Kentucky town of Lexington his freshman year in high school he was able to draw on an eclectic pool of sources of inspiration ranging from Psychedelic, Kraut Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Hip-Hop, and Indie via local college radio that you need not beat the bushes to find in his songs. However, as pen hit paper and songs began to animate his Kentucky roots surfaced in the pastoral nuances, American twang and Appalachian soul in the recordings, as well as an obvious head-nod to the greats of his coming of age in the late 90's and early 2000's.

After entering the work force he was fortunate enough to share stages and absorb the essential skills of the crafts of composition and performance from some amazing musicians while putting his guitar shedding to use in several bands of scattered genres from progressive jazz to nostalgic punk. While playing with the progressive shape-shifting fusion jazz quintet known as the Sexual Disaster Quartet he picked up a working grasp of melody, rhythm, harmony, and song arrangement that you'll feel in the voicing and structures of his freshman effort album 'saddest of bastards', and the live performance of it's contents. You will also hear the blues metal of The General Tso's blues project he was part of, and lo-fi punk sounds from Randy Tuesday. It was these experiences with these great and widely varying musicians that most aided him in bringing his anti-genre brand of multifarious rock n' roll to stage and record. And, it is by the continuing experience of Ben keeping company with such talented musicians that Benanthrope is such a pleasant act to listen to and see live.

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Ben Anthrope- Lead Vox, Harmonica, & Guitar, Andy Matter- Bass & Vox, Rory Hanka- Keys, Ross Whitaker- pedal steel guitar, Jason Walker- Drums
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Americana / Psychedelic / Indie

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Louisville, KY
Ben Lally

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