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We know what you're thinkin'... Organic hip-hop? Right? Well... as with every overly commercialized industry, over the decades the music and entertainment industries have become so over-saturated, and heavily diluted with unauthentic and lackluster (not to mention sub-par) material. All you have to do is turn on your TV and flip to any "major music network" channel for an example of the kind of nonsense we're referring to.

Music used to be different. It was pure, it was cosmic, and it spoke to you on a level that flashy cars, outlandish outrageous lifestyles, and above-the-law mentalities could never amount to. Having been ingrained with such eclectic tastes in music, we're strangers to no genre and have seen it all, even though we're young and our roots are planted in hip-hop. Our influences run the gamut from funk, Motown, and R&B to classic rock, classical and several variations of electronic music and more...

As we all know: genres are now a mention of the past. We are creative visionaries promoting the idea of an all-inclusive, less exclusive celebration of life through creative expression and the arts across all mediums. We draw inspiration from every day life experience, prior/current events, social/economic happenings, nature, positively influential independent entertainment icons and the abstract. We do this as a means to give back to our community and enlighten people! In doing so we provide an artistic and rhythmic commentary complete with lyricism, beat-boxing, and the occasional setup of live instruments, break dancers, belly dancers and so on and so forth. We're nothing new to the San Diego entertainment scene, but at the same time we haven't exactly made a huge name for ourselves either.

In the early stages of our music and art collective/movement known as the Illestrated Visionary Crew (or iLL v.C.) we opened up for the likes of Devin the Dude, Luckyiam of The Living Legends, AWOL One, and numerous other artists, as well as headlining and promoting our own full-scale productions featuring 4 DJs, 2MCs, break-dancers, pantomiming, live artists/painters and visual arts displays via projector and a cutting edge mixer with an internal bpm monitor.

Present day's setup consists of super-duper-human and monster music producer AND mind-splittin', hard-hittin' emcee known as J. Phatts; the ever-so-charismatic and cunning linguistic craftsman by the name of Burns One; and the beastly beat-box bot and lyrical lip-service delivery system by the name of Burns Two - all of which are backed by none other than the beat droppin', hip-hoppin' wizard on the wheels of steel known as Blackbelt Jonez! This current installation has proven to be a gorilla-glued cohesive creatively constructed effort and we're quickly carving our mark into the local entertainment scene! We've been collaborating with some of today's hottest local artists, musicians, and entertainers in the last year and are gaining quite a level of notoriety among the town! Be on the the lookout for the Voltron~esque creative super-group known as "¡The Bassmint Collective!"

Pressing forward; We're actively producing and looking forward to creating newer, larger scale versions of the productions and experiences of our formerly capable magnitude, several of which will be cause-based. We're not in it for the fame, we're not in it for the money... It breaks down like this: We are all intricate installations in the same magnificent creative energy and we're in it to promote a message of cultivating community and overall prosperity through peace, positivity, self-expression and sharing We're not going to go on about how we dynamically set ourselves apart from everything that's out there, as we'll let our audio/visual experiences speak for themselves...We aim to revive and reconnect the people with the dormant energy that is the human element by stimulating minds through our performances and events. Once upon a time creative expression used to be about more than just the enormous paycheck at the end of the day, bragging rights and all the materialistic facets of life. We're aiming to keep that idea alive. We've been bringing people together at our shows to celebrate life and develop social consciousness for the last eight years, and no matter what happens or where we end up, we'll forever remain true to the people, ourselves, and our movement...

"It'd be nice to make some bank, like cakes in big stacks, but hip-hop is where it's at until I'm dead and gon', no matter if I'm rollin' in cheddar or broke like a bone, so let it be known... call this me makin' my stand: I wouldn't lay my mic down even if I had no hands... ... ..." (BurnsOne)

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BurnsOne - event coordination, lyrics, BurnsTwo - beat-boxing and lyrics, J. Phatts - music production and lyrics, DJ Blackbelt Jonez
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The Brothers Burns & J.Phatts
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Hip Hop / Organic Hip-Hop / Contemporarily Old-School

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San Diego, CA

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