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Len Rice - Prog Rock / Bio

Mini epics that take you on a journey! Inspired by classic UK prog & art-rock.
I'm freely sharing my music (for non-commercial use) hoping my mp3s outlive me. Download & share w/friends! :-)

I'm still working & hope to release a properly-mastered album of my best stuff. Enjoy!


"Wonderful;master musician" J.Hasnip/ME

"Amazing" M.Teixeira/CANADA

"Awesome!" OttoZone/PA

"Great!" H.Byrne/MI

"Like-GrayHares" EmbersOfAutumn/OH

"Great" OctoberDawn/CT

"Like Sunquake" UnifiedPast/NY

"Excellent" B.Parker/FL

"Like Love&Logic" E.Shippert/IL

"Cool" M.Glendinning/CA

"Like PulseRift" B.Schick/IL

"Awesome!" TEFiroved/PA

"Nice-Sunquake" Stirling/AUSTRALIA

"Cool!" M.HarperSmith/CANADA

"Interesting!" Deano2112/UK

"Fantastic" Progology/UK

"Luv" TimesUp/UK

"Nice!" Ifsounds/ITALY

"Great!" BunChakeze/UK

"Cool" A.Farnfield/UK

"Luv" Fleece/IRELAND

"Enjoyed!" P.Munday/UK

"Like" J.Kuragari/BERLIN

"Pleasure" OrchestreCelesti/ITALY

"Enjoyed" M.Swanson/MI

"Like!" A.Serri/ITALY

"Awesome" SubjectToThoughts/TX

"Quality" GardenWall/ITALY

"Sunquake ambitious as 70sGenesis" HebIkJouDaar/NETHERLANDS

"Great!" Afterburners/WA

"Sunquake-excellent,GrayHares-amazing!" WahWhoWhyWoh!/SPAIN

"Great" A.Henriquez/BRAZIL

"Sunquake catch ear!" B.Noya/INDONESIA

"Great-Sunquake" Minstrel'sGhost/AZ

"Enjoyed" R.Bussey/NC

"Great" P.Bjarne/DENMARK

"Luv Sunquake!" InSiren/ICELAND

"Great!" DreamTheElectricSleep/KY

"Wonderful Genesis influence" B.Dyke/SC

"Great!" CorvusStone/FINLAND

"Discovery!" F.Polenta/ARGENTINA

"Awesome" LiquidUniverse/AUSTRALIA

"Like" H.Arve/GERMANY

"Inspiring" V.Chrobek/SLOVAKIA

"Sunquake's nice!" Amyrrhond/MN

"Well done!" ObsidianKey/UK

"Great!" Flammärion/PORTUGAL

"Fantastic!" R.Utasato/JAPAN

"Bravo!-Sunquake" J.Compagna/MA

"Nice!" C.Lloyd/WI

"Nice,Esp.Love&Logic" S.Cochrane/CANADA

"Great chords!" P.Rautell/SWEDEN

"Like" P.Kollar/NC

"Great!" L.Riccio/GA

"Excellent" C.Avril/FRANCE

"Great" SupernalEndgame/TX

"Luv the synths!" hAND/UK

"Blended influences into uniqueness!" B.Hobbs/CA

"Like the surprises!" ElektrykBestia/NY

"Brilliant!-Sunquake" BigNaif/UK

"Great!" B.Graml/KY

"Brilliant!-Sunquake" HurryHurry/AUSTRALIA

"Luv!" J.Pope/US

"Often Love&Logic dont fit;u did it" G.Mangion/MALTA

"Awesome!-Sunquake;Luv Love&Logic" JJLentz/NC

"Great" J.Hintz/IL

"Progtastic" Tinkicker/DENMARK

"Very good!" E.Lindholm/FINLAND

"Great-LiquidLen" Starfish64/GERMANY

"Enjoyed" DreamAria/CANADA

"Great" Klust/FRANCE

"Great" T.Baker/NY

"Great!" Viima/FINLAND

"Very cool" ABigGoodbye/FL

"Great" CetusRex/ARGENTINA

"Nice!world's richer" Aethellis/MD

"Great-Unproductive" Grenwa/FL

"Like" J.Harris/IL

"Oldfield aspects" D.Clark/OR

"Like" E.Rosvold/CA

"Great!" P.Rivrain/FRANCE

"Love Arp!" J.Vazquez/ARGENTINA

"Like Love&Logic/PulseRift" N.Matzukis/S.AFRICA

"Loved" MadPride/AUSTRALIA

"Really good!" J.Taranto/BRAZIL

"Really enjoy!" S.Brad/CA

"Nice-Sunquake" Prahma/BRAZIL

"Great" R.Boyd/GA

"Nice" Larne/GERMANY

"Great!" MurkyRed/BELGIUM

"Nice" Electrohedron/US

"Great!" N.Lupi/PORTUGAL

"Brill!" M.Ramsay/UK

"Great!" P.Savage/CANADA

"Awesome-GrayHares" EDDuro/LUXEMBOURG

"Great" Patroux/FRANCE

"Very cool-TimeMarchesOn" L.Bodner/CANADA

"Great" K.Coffey/IRELAND

"Enjoying" ScarletHollow/CA

"Great!-Love&Logic" EdenConcept/WI

"Like discovering Rush&Yes again!" SolusAuxilium/CA

"Wonderful" K.Yoshihara/JAPAN

"Luv GrayHares" D.Reich/TX

"Great" R.Allen/TX

"Excellent" Fatamorgana/INDONESIA

"Luv!" Markke/NY

"Great!" V.Staccato/PERU

"Beautiful" K.Kristiansen/CANADA

"Great" E.Rojas/VENEZUELA

"Luv Sunquake" OkusDolphin/UK

"Great" F.P.Morin/CANADA

"Love&Logic,wow!" J.VanCleaf/DE

"Great" LightAfternoon/UK

"Extraordinary" M.Thompson/UK

"Very good" V.Palmieri/PA

"Epic" P.Minihane/IRELAND

"Luv" RaphaelGTR/GERMANY

"GREAT" 1st50/NY

"Like GrayHares" B.Weiner/MI

"Like" B.Breland/GA

"Like GrayHares" C.Holm/NETHERLANDS

"Very nice" A.Giachino/CA

"Amazed" Prototyp/GERMANY

"Awesome" LeMystique/IL

"Great!-Sunquake" EmeraldDawn/UK

"Wow!" Leonov/RUSSIA

"Detail" D.Powell/SWEDEN

"Well done" EdenShadow/UK

"Compelling" MostlyWater/WI

"Masterful" MemphisRain/WA

"Great" KenaniaH1522/AUSTRALIA

"Cool" D.Marrowe/IL


"Epic" Ivan/@Sketchy_HQ

"Like" P.Thomas/UK

"Cool" M.Glendinning/CA

"Buenas rolas!" EKOS/MEXICO

"Great" B.Chamley/AUSTRALIA

"Awesome!" LouieD/NY

"Amazing" A.Doyle/UK

"Love Sunquake" IceChrystalls/UK

"Nice!" Illuminous/AUSTRALIA

"Great!" M.Canter/CA

"Enjoyable" B.Brown/MN

"GREAT!" Cataclysmic/OK

"Terrific" Didorion/MA

"Creative" BadgerStatic/PA

"Good stuff" J.Shinkle/PA

"Enjoyed!" CosmicDreamers/ITALY

"Epic!" J.Covington/VA

"Enjoying" Versuchsanordnung/GERMANY

"Great!-PulseRift" ArBr2/UK

"Creative" T.Hudgins/TX

"Wonderful" T.Schuldiner/SYRIA

"Very good!" SyntheticEng/GERMANY

"Nice!" U.Palk/ESTONIA

"Great" BurningBrains/BRAZIL

"Like!" ConundrumInDeed/UK

"Esp.like GrayHares!" T.Mackney/UK

"Enjoyed" @hazbowe/UK

"Nice" C.Arlequin/MEXICO

"Enjoying!" Metropolis/GA

"Top notch" J.Dante/OH

"Loved" J.LaRae/LA

"Impressed!" K.Bueckert/CANADA

"Great!" EvilynStrange/UK

"Great!" MOQ/ITALY

FOR MORE- See: http://powerofprog.com/profile/LenRice

General Info

Artist Name
Len Rice - Prog Rock
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Rock / Progressive / Mini Epics / Instrumental / Art rock

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Sterling, IL

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