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Indra has been an artist for several years.
As a child she was in dance classes and took chorus in elementary and middle and highschool. Often chosen as the center star for dance and given free dance classes at her studio.

Highly competitive she became an athlete leading her to a college scholarship for volleyball in college- but this is where she found she missed the arts. At this time she decided to switch gears and out of passion decided to buy her first bass set up.

After three months and playing every day until her fingers bled it was a passion that gave her the confidence to join her first band- Love Canal. In this band Indra found her calling and knew that music and the arts were to be her life choice. Three months later Indra found herself a bass performance major- sound engineering minor in Colorado where she honed her crafts and drew her line in the sand.
From here she began her passion of playing piano at night at the college-writing her own material, and slowly teaching herself to play read and write her own musical compositions as well as instruments. Playing with her four-track and learning Pro Tools. She found music school was good, but that she walked to a beat of her own, when she decided for her first bass jury to record a piano piece she had written- and to play bass along with it live for the final jury performance- a little too rock and roll and modern for the conservative bass performance standards most likely, but was a great show for her peers and the more forward thinking staff who told her it was great and refreshing and ROCKED..

Playing in a local Denver band that was strictly for fun and charity-with a collaboration of professionals in town, she found herself the kid with the pros and learned about the business side quickly.
After some tests in life Indra ended back in New Mexico where she became a vocal performance major and decided to pursue her dream in either L.A. or N.Y.C. Upon arrival in N.Y.C. she loved the vibe but felt the warmth of L.A. was where she needed to be. So she got back in school in New Mexico as a vocal major and transferred out to California as soon as she could.

After arrival of getting into L.A. and working at a music store Indra landed her first tour, and received an endorsement from Gallien Krueger –on the Warped Tour, her bass amp company of choice- THIS is where she found a bit of the success she now sought after. But knowing she wanted to be a singer, and one day an actress, she knew she needed to stop playing bass and focus more on vocals. Being on tour she also realized she wanted to be a role model for woman and youth, and decided to finish her degree in L.A. which she did obtain from Pepperdine for Business Management. Putting herself thru college and working taught her a lot, and she realizes that all her corporate and job training and sports training is the same kind of work ethic she needed to bring to her future career as an artist.

Indra has been pursuing singing and acting with a vigor, and strives daily working on all that she can to become the full artist that she dreams of. Indra is daily working on her craft and strives to be a role model for her peers and youth that she encounters in show business and life.

She has pursued show business from L.A, N.Y.C. to IBIZA, and CANNES to make connections worldwide and to further her understanding and knowledge of the show business. She is currently living in Miami Beach where she is taking private acting classes and broadening her talent resume. Recently she shot a short film as a lead role as a wife and has worked on nearly every show and film in town. She has quickly become someone to call upon for advice and for bookings and is known to be reliable.

Indra’s goals as an artist are to utilize her talents of being a dancer in Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Singing, Bass, Sound Engineering, and Piano to, Acting- as a bridge to educate and bring people together of all races. Indra truly strives to bring joy to those that she encounters. She hopes to use her platform as a means to reach out to her community, and public speak and truly become a light of inspiration to existing organizations across the globe. Indra’s true joy is seeing people learn to understand accept and appreciate what all human beings have to offer and that we are all here to live and thrive together.

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