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"With the scent of sandalwood smoke in the air and by the light of thirteen candles, the earths crust cracks in a violent upheaval to the chanting words of thirteen black robed figures and spews forth the beast that is Facinorous. Arising from over a decade of deathly sleep, Facinorous now rages forth to blast the unwitting masses and rend their souls with ancient tones of HEAVY METAL. Come, stand before the beast, feel the power course through your blood and drive you to frenzy!!"

The Metal Beast that is Facinorous...
A four piece Speed Metal/ Thrash Metal band with an old school groove. The rhythm is blanketed by, lead guitarist Michael Stowe's nightmarish, growling vocals which adds a Death Metal feel to some of the songs, while the melodic and sometimes psychotic screaming guitar solos, played by Michael and accompanying lead guitarist Bennett Ferrie, adds the sirens' song to the tribal beat of drummer Christopher Trujillo and the wicked bass lines of Robert Stowe.
Facinorous resides in San Luis Obispo county, located on the central coast of California. The group officially formed in June of 2010 and has performed over twenty-eight shows in 2011 including the Babylon Club in Fresno and Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara.
Facinorous has their own sound equipment, including P.A., lighting, Backdrop, stage props and a capable sound technician.

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Michael Stowe-Vocs/Lead Guitar, Bennett Ferrie-Lead Guitar, Robert Stowe-Bass Guitar,Chris Trujillo-Drums
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Metal / Thrash / Death

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Atascadero, CA