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Best known as the main mind behind "NYC's (and now Los Angeles') Bloodiest Band", Psycho Charger, Jimmy Psycho has had a life-long obsession with horror and music. His youth was spent on a steady diet of horror films, comic books, and old rock n roll while growing up in rural south western Ohio. He received his first guitar when he was eleven years old, discovered Elvis, KISS, and then punk rock. He started his first band when he was 12 years old, and has been on the road playing the "Devil's Music" ever since...

That road ultimately led him as the founder of the "Horror Rawkillbilly" band Psycho Charger. Managing all creative and business aspects of the band, Jimmy has lead the band from it's humble beginnings as a one-man project to being a staple in the American horror rock music scene. He has overseen the band through three full-length CDs, appearances on movie soundtracks and television commercials, as well as a regular string of successful shows across the U.S. and abroad. The band garnered rave reviews and a cult-like following due to their unique sound and outrageous live shows.

In August of 2011, Jimmy moved from his long-time adopted home of NYC to Los Angeles to pursue further ventures into making music for film and special projects, and thus, THE JIMMY PSYCHO EXPERIMENT was born. Upon arrival to Los Angeles, Jimmy was quickly brought on to the creative team for the Devil’s Playground Burlesque production company for development of their monthly Burlesque/Jello Wrestling shows in Hollywood. Not only a member of the creative team, Jimmy has a recurring onstage role as “Mr. Psycho”, the referee/co-host. The shows have been at capacity crowds since the first performances and have appeared up and down the west coast.

THE JIMMY PSYCHO EXPERIMENT made the live debut in Feb 2013 and has stayed busy with a regular string of gigs including the Ink-N-Iron Festival, Tiki Caliente, and Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo alongside Elvira, "The Mistress of the Dark" and "Weird Al" Yankovic. Other noteworthy shows include the annual Deadhead Rum Party at TIki Oasis, Scare LA (LA's First Halloween Convention), alongside the monthly standing gig with The Devil's Playground "Star Girls" show as the "Alien Cantina Lounge Band". THE JIMMY PSYCHO EXPERIMENT was quickly picked up by Horror High Records who released the "Mad Monster Cocktail Party" debut CD.

Originally playing lounge version of horror movie themes, the song list now includes lounge versions of sci-fi, spy, classic rock, and punk rock songs. Not just about the music, the live shows themselves now include (when circumstances dictate) costume changes, audio-visual elements, and appearances from the ladies of the Devil's Playground Burlesque.

Through the success of Psycho Charger, Jimmy has found himself doing something he has always dreamed of: writing music for films. Jimmy has had the opportunity to write songs exclusively for "2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams", "Chillerama" , "Fractured" and most recently, the highly-anticipated movie "Tales of Halloween", which hits theaters Oct 16th.

Currently, The Jimmy Psycho Experiment is working hard promting the latest release "Intergalactic Playboy", which has been very -well recieved. Additionally, Jimmy has recently teamed up with The Sithfits clothing company to form the band THE SITHFITS, which recently debuted their "Star Wars-meets-Weird Al-meets-Punk Rock" cosplay cover band in Hollywood!

Jimmy is working on music for the film “The Devil’s Dance” and, as always, Jimmy up to something whacky and is overseeing the Psycho Charger releases as well as other special projects. There's also a new slate of release scheduled for 2015/2016...stay tuned!!!

If you have a film or special project in need of music, stop by the CONTACT PAGE.

Not only an musician/actor, Jimmy is also a fire performer, having performed at shows both nationally and internationally.

For acting, Jimmy is represented by the Stevens Talent Group.

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