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Bugbone is a collaboration of long time Las Vegas musicians Ric Nichols and Deron D. DeStephanis . The band was started by Ric, who got to know Deron and they searched for other musicians. After a long series of dealing with unpredictable and unprofessional personnel, Bugbone went on a bit of a hiatus. Ric focused on his stand up comedy while Deron worked with other Las Vegas musical projects.

Late in 2010 Ric met a guitarist. The two had immediate chemistry fueled by their raunchy humor which has few if any boundaries. Eventually they tossed around the idea playing a few songs together for the hell of it. After the first rehearsal with Ric, Deron and the guitarist, it was very clear to all three of them that they had discovered something different.

It is very rare to have a trio where everybody sings on every song, everybody writes songs and everybody is up for whatever. That mix produces a very wide variety of songs and textures. Songs such as "Say to Me" and "Tell Me You Love Me" are straight forward rock tunes, while "Cherry Road" is about as country as it gets. In between are catchy pop/rock tunes like, "Can't Stop" and "Stay With Me (a.k.a. Japanese Song)". Even the band doesn't know what to think about irreverent tunes such as "Little Monster", but everybody seems to like them.

A Passion of Bugbone is taking songs from bygone eras and giving them a rocked out makeover. There are no rules to this process and everybody participates. A song that somebody likes and that they think should be reinvented is presented and the process begins. The song is dissected and completely re engineered. The end result is a sometimes recognizable rocked out version of a great song. A great example of this is the show stopper "Fat Bottom Girls", an undeniable classic by Queen. Any musician will tell you that this is a very risky song to perform live, especially with only three people, but such is the Bugbone way.

Aside from their passion for great music, the members of Bugbone are solemnly committed to putting on a great show, and never take themselves too seriously. The band is devoid of any ego and will happily poke fun at themselves and each other for audience amusement. The use of excessive lighting and fog along with little people dressed in monster outfits shooting confetti cannons into the crowd is standard operating procedure.

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Ric Nichols, Deron DeStephanis and a guitarist
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Rock / Power Pop / Alternative

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Las Vegas, NV

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