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Dreadriffz has been decided to be the name of this heavy metal group because it signifies the different musical roots of its members. In simple terms, each individual of the group has various styles on it create its own music. The band started last 2011 with its first line up, Buddy Santos – Vocals, Nel Opendo – Vocals, Rodjie Silvestre – Bass, P-jay Lipura – Drums, Earvin Corpuz – Guitar, Velson Isles – Guitar. As the group made its first move in creating such music, it came up with its initial song line up entitled Conflict, Amrak, Eradicate Fear, & Gone. Sadly, after couple of months of jams, Velson decided to leave the group due to personal reasons. Still the band continued and made few more songs for its line-up. February 2012, Dreadriffz made it to their first 2 shows held on a Filipino music scene at Montreal, CA. A month later, recording of its first track has been decided and the band welcomed R-jay Lipura to work as a 2nd guitar player. Now along with its new line-up, the quest of making a new name on heavy metal scene has begun.

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Budz Santos - Vocals, Nel Opendo - Vocals 2, PJ Lipura - Drums, RJ Lipura - Guitar, Rodjie Silvestre - Bass Guitar and Earvin Corpuz - Guitar
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montreal, QC, CA