MYKE DAWG was born in Largo, FL. His mother was from Miami, FL and his father was from Niles, Michigan. When Myke was born he was still born and not breathing. Everybody thought he was dead. After three minutes + a different doctor came into the delivery room and managed to perform a miracle! It was definitely a bumpy start! So, shortly after his birth his family was up-rooted from FL and moved to Michigan to be close to his fathers family. This move brought his father back to the place where he grew up which ultimately reintroduced him to all the bad habits he once left behind. The first couple of years seemed fine because as a kid sometimes you really don't know what's going on, but It sure didn't take long for everything to come to light. By second grade Myke has learned more than the average kid. He knows his mother and father are on the brink of divorce and knows his father has a bad drug problem. He is starting to see that his family is not like most other kids his age. At the end of second grade his family was struggling with bills and decided to move in with one of his fathers friends. This was the worst possible move. Soon, his father and old friend were back on the drugs even harder than before. When he was around 7 or 8 yrs old Myke recalls one morning in the front yard with his sister. He said dad approached us and asked if we wanted to go with him to work that day. Dad never came home that night. The next morning I heard my mom crying. I approached her and asked what's wrong. She didn't want to tell me but I insisted. She took me down in the basement hysterical and told me that my father killed himself last night. Something clicked in Myke and he was never the same. Once broken it seemed hate soon took over him. Maybe because the last thought he had was of his dad trying to take him and his sister with him to the place he was found dead. Was his dad going to kill his son and daughter too? or does all his hate stem from all the pain he saw his mother go through on account of it? One thing is certain, Myke HATES his father!! Myke realized from a young age that life is no fairytale or happy ending. His innocence was lost way to early. Being raised by a single mother was not easy for either one of them. Without a father figure he soon was into trouble and hanging with the wrong crowd. His mother tried her best but it was very hard to raise a child who didn't fear anything. Losing his father and finding out that his father never loved him was the worst thing that could possibly happen to him at the time,so the rest seemed irrelevant!

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