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In the dawn of time - which is to say, about a year ago - five brave souls embarked on an adventure the likes of which the world has never seen. This band (get it?) of heroes consisted of the courageous (but lazy) Greg Zinkan, the color-blind Micheal Wilkes, the possibly insane Corey Lavergne, the ferocious Jared Baer, and was lead by the mighty James Loft. Along their journey, Jared Baer fell prey to the dreaded busy schedule monster. The group suffered a mighty blow, but they would not fall! They were joined by the incredible Austin Janey, who fought valiantly on the fields of rock. But this keyboardist would fall as well. When he did not return, the four heroes mourned him. The band had always been five members, and would continue to have five members. They were saved from a four-member fate by the deadly Rachelle Wright. What lies ahead for our heroes? No one can tell. All that is known is that they. Will. Rock.

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James Loft, Michael Wilkes, Gregory Zinkan, Rachelle Wright, and Corey Lavergne
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Our Escape
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Alternative / Christian Alternative

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Knoxville, TN
We bow to no man...ager.