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Brett Weisz is an eclectic singer, deriving inspiration from artists like Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Mel Torme, Michael Buble and Jason Mraz, Weisz has created a soft, yet powerful sound that resonates with his young audiences. He has an incredible range and smooth style. Brett loves jazz, pop or r&b and he is very professional in the studio and well-seasoned as a live performer, yet Brett is a "looney tune" at heart. Working with a few production teams in the Denver area and performing in Las Vegas, Seattle, and LA he has carved out his own sound and feels most "at home" on stage.

Brett began his career at the early age of 14 when he first started helping his Step-father, Paul, run a traveling karaoke gig; in the early days of the karaoke craze. As it started, Weisz was mostly amused by the DJ portion of karaoke, until his family took notice to the ease and grace of Brett's voice and urged him to pursue bigger dreams. Brett's style is a mix of his family's musical interests and backgrounds. His dad had a passion for 70's rock and folk, whereas his mom loved country and 70's pop. His sister was more into the blues, 90's pop and classical, but the most influential person was his step-father. Paul showed him the beauty in Jazz; vocal jazz specifically. How Sinatra made the phonebook sound graceful, Dean Martin could make you laugh yet cry. And as Brett says, Mel Torme "the Velvet Fog" couldn't sing a wrong note. Armed with these vocal geniuses, Brett has set out to help Michael Buble reestablish the dominance of Vocal Jazz as the pinnacle of singing excellence.

As it is, Weisz is the male backup vocalist in a collaboration known as Ghost Embrace, http://www.reverbnation.com/ghostembrace . He is preparing for 3 two week USO tours throughout the United States to help bring more awareness of military suicide prevention. Brett's putting together an EP for debut before the end of summer 2013. And as a kicker, Brett DJ's on capital hill at a karaoke bar called "Armida's", going by the name DJ Throb.

Brett couldn't want anything more than to be recognized as a world-class performer. He wants to bring smiles to those that see him, tears to those who feel his message, inspiration to those who understand him, and joy to those who hear him.

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