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Throw your ears a curve ball and check out this unique metal/hard rock band from Pennsylvania. With hints of blues, funk, thrash, hardcore and grunge ingredients all in one, this musical recipe is bound to give you something tasty to snack on!!

Cause of Affliction is an all-original metal/hard rock band based out of Wilkes-Barre, PA founded by Billy Tobin, Matt Van Fleet, and Mandy Touch in September 2011. After several failed attempts in auditioning drummers, Matt decided to ask his close friend Mandy Touch to audition, even though she was practically a beginner. Mandy held her own and laid down the foundation to the first 4 songs written by Billy and Matt. Mandy was a great fit for the band and became the official drummer for CoA. A few more practices later, Matt, Mandy, and Bill added more songs and wrote Darker Side of Me, Changes, Molotov, Salami, and Lost Control. After only a few short months, Matt, Mandy, and Billy continued writing material and had 12 songs in their arsenal. However, they still could not find the right person to fill the vocal position and compliment their unique sound. In February of 2012, CoA was asked to play their first gig. Despite the small setback of still not having a good set of vox, they accepted the gig and played their first show as an instrumental 3-piece. Following their first gig, the trio continued to play out instrumentally in hopes of finding the last piece to their rockin’ puzzle. Finally after over 20 gigs and a dozen auditions, in June of 2012 they found the lungs they were looking for. With the addition of Gary Edrington as their frontman, the beast known as Cause of Affliction was finally in its final and most powerful form. Gary quickly wrote lyrics to the instrumental songs Matt, Mandy and Billy had laid out and they have continued to play out on a regular basis and have been writing new material as a whole since then. On top of playing over 200+ local shows, CoA has also opened up for several national acts both locally and out of the area for bands such as Ill Nino, Revocation, Queensryche, Mushroomhead, One-Eyed Doll, Arcanium, Auras, Ever Forthright, Stitched Up Heart, This or the Apocalypse, Anvil, Adrenaline Mob, and Diecast. In October of 2013, COA was chosen to be a finalist in national independent metal tour, Project Independent. They won regionally at their hometown show, ended up finishing in 5th overall in fan voting and 10th overall in industry panel voting out of the 480 participating bands across the whole United States! Their debut album "Freedom Is A Lie" was released in early November of 2013 and they are already getting ready to go back in to the studio to start recording their next album!

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Gary Edrington, Billy Tobin, Matt Van Fleet, Mandy Touch
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Cause of Affliction
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Metal / Hard Rock / Groove

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Wilkes Barre, PA

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