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It was simply...."let's start a band". But nothing in music is ever that simple. It had to be good, it had to be real, it had to be fun and after much deliberation it had to be Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers! Formed in the summer of 2010 in a recording studio in Mt Airy, Pa on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Brien Mick(guitar) and Art Noel(bass) had the seed of a thought, but who do we get to play with us? Thankfully the first people we asked, the people we wanted in this band all said the same thing. A resounding YES! Except for Vinnie Martello(guitar,slide,vocals) who said "ya know? that might be fun" as only Vinnie could say. Andrew Owens(drums) was playing in a band with Vinnie already and Bert "Lucky" Kleinschmidt(keys,organ and harmonica) had played in an original band with Art years before. Nicknamed "Lucky" after Tom Petty's character on King of the Hill. All stalwart members of the tri-state music scene for 15- 20 yrs.
We had the music and the band way before we had the name...or the right singer....that is until Vinnie introduced us to someone he had done some duo shows with. Ladies and gentleman...Mr. Tony Mowen!!! This guy genuinely loves Tom Petty, and tells a great story as well.. He can sing, he plays guitar + mouth harp, knows how to work a crowd and has been making a living entertaining people for the last twenty years. Sign him up! The Big Jangle was born. Allright, so we had the name before Tony joined, but he loved it anyway.
This is as close as your gonna get to the real thing folks and the responses we get and the growing crowds, the bigger venues....we must be doing something right! We scoured the albums, the bootlegs, the live and unreleased to find the best representations of these songs played by The Heartbreakers, and let's not forget the collaborations with The Traveling Wilbury's, Bob Dylan and the hundreds of covers Petty has done over the years. It's quite a catalogue and it's always growing for us.

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Tony Mowen-Lead vocal, guitar, Andrew Owens-Drums, Vinnie Martello-Lead guitar,slide,vocals,Brien Mick-Guitar, Bert Kleindschmidt-keyboard, Art Noel-Bass
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The Big Jangle
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Abington, PA

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