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Enso Anima / Bio

Enso Anima is the sound you hear between your ears when no one else is around. Enso Anima is the reason the rays of a setting sun seem to comfort you into sleep, while the rays of it rising stir you to wake. Enso Anima is the mountain you pass every day on your commute and have always dreamed of climbing. Enso Anima is the house at the end of the dead end street with flaking shutters and knobbly clumps of weeds in the yard and a giant hole in the roof and an even bigger, entirely inexplicable allure. Enso Anima is when you learn to appreciate whatever you are doing in the moment just as much as escaping from it. Enso Anima is appreciation of the small things, the hidden things – finding a bouncy ball you had when you were six behind a dresser and trying it out as if it was new. Enso Anima is a dry desert landscape stretching on to the endless horizon, when you lay down and bake in the sun and become the same colour as the world around you. Enso Anima is shooting a shotgun straight into the air and laughing unabashedly from the sheer force of it, and also from the fact that such fallible beings should control that force. Enso Anima is flipping the fuck out in your best friend’s room to some album you two share, some little slice of heaven on earth that is not quite the same unless it is shared thus.

Enso Anima is digging your fingernails deep into your cheekbones and becoming intoxicated by the smell. Enso Anima is having your hands around someone else’s throat and knowing what true power is, and also knowing true weakness – no one is ever truly left alone by the things they’ve done. Enso Anima is busting the faces of the thousands of sweaty bodies in the mosh pit around you and being entranced by the potency and harmony of violence and love. Enso Anima is sitting out in front of your ex’s house for hours, imagining burning it to the ground, and finally blowing a sadistic kiss and laughing all the way home, your monster fed and tucked away. Enso Anima is eating an entire lemon in six bites, skin and all… and then eating another one. Enso Anima is consuming ridiculous amounts of coordination-inhibiting substances, and then climbing a tree in a lighting storm, just to feel death breathing down your neck. Enso Anima is the door or window or manhole or gate or safe lock or fire escape that you know is silently begging for you to break and enter. Enso Anima is the moment you realize the fact that you are so utterly alone, have always been and always will be, is both the great curse and great gift of existence.

Enso Anima is the kiss with a little bit of bite, the shovelful of earth thrown onto a grave or a newly planted tree. Enso Anima is the smile your grandma gave you the last time you saw her. Enso Anima is the person you hate because of their disconnection with anyone else’s feelings, their utter insensitivity, yet you love them still because you know this must make them suffer greatly. Enso Anima is watching the world end and having a hand to hold. Enso Anima is the secret you keep in a part of yourself so deep you cannot even make sense of it, the cross that you bear that gives you strength because it lets you know you have the right to live. Enso Anima is the air filling to the brim the alveoli in the very bottom part of your lungs, the part that stays unfilled save when it is not possible to take anything but the very biggest breath you can muster. Enso Anima is watching someone cry and knowing you’re going to love them forever and a day.

Enso Anima is five guys writing and playing music and loving it ferociously. Enso Anima is more than the sum of its parts, because once a sentiment takes hold of a human heart, takes hold of five human hearts, takes hold of a million human hearts there is no measuring it, no containing it, no choice but to let it spill out every pore and orifice and let it connect you with every beautiful thing you can see. And we desperately want you to be one of those hearts, to come to our shows (or even our practices), to come on adventures with us, to hear our music and let yourself do whatever it moves you to, to see what we see. To fill yourself with the energy of the universe, because the universe is alive. The universe is all of us.

The universe wants to be noticed.

General Info

Band Members
Justyn Trella - bass, backup vox; Shane Ward - lead gitbox; Nick Creary-Scher - drums; Whitney Schuster, rhythm gitbox, backup vox
Artist Name
Enso Anima
Profile Page
Rock / Post-Hardcore / Experimental

Contact Info

Cornwall, NY

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