September 2007: *Dood, Wolf, Helleslaaf and DNN started rehearsing and composing music to reflect the dark sides of their souls. *After a short while DNN quit.
October 2007: *Schelm joined QUAEDT.
December 2007: *The quartet recorded the demo 't Faesch Der Hoorndraegher at Schelm's home.
May 2008: *QUAEDT performed live for the first time at Os Moe Is True Fest II, with Panchrysia, Gorath, Aguynguerran, Natrach and Demonic Empire.
July 2008: *Helleslaaf quits the band, Mastema replaces him.
October 2008: *QUAEDT released the demo CD 't Faesch Der Hoorndraegher. *QUAEDT played live with Dutch BM legends Infinity and Huldrefolk. For this show, QUAEDT got T. helping them out as session 2nd guitarist.*Right after that show, Grimm from Demonic Empire joins as permanent 2nd guitarist.
January 2009: *First foreign gig: Quaedt played in France for the first time. *One week after that, they played in Hasselt at De Witte Non, with Natrach.
February 2009: Quaedt recorded their debut full-length album entitled 'Plaegh'.
March 2009: * Quaedt performed a show in St-Truiden with Natan, CountHell, Demonic Empire and others.
August 2009: * Quaedt performed a show at Vlamrock, with acts such as Natan, Heaven Shall Burn(gays), Panchrysia, Kludde, Natrach, ...
November 2009: Quaedt supported Ad Hominem and Azaghal in Antwerp.
December 2009: * Quaedt makes a deal with Iron Age Records for the release of their first full-length album: 'PLAEGH'.
March 2010: Quaedt shared the stage with Paragon Belial, Aguynguerran and Infestis at Throne Fest.
May 2010: PLAEGH was released with a releaseshow at "Os Moe Is True Fest", together with bands such as Nargaroth, Lugubre, ...
July 2010: again, Quaedt played a show in France, on a fest with Excruciate666, Bliss Of Flesh, and many others.
September 2010: Quaedt played at Black&Death Attack, DaniHell(NATAN) replaced Grimm as a session guitarist for 1 show.
October 2010: a local show was played with Valborg and Myrkvid.
March 2011: great gig with Totenmond and Valborg in Winterthur. It's Quaedt's first show in Switzerland
April 2011: a local show with local bands
May 2011: Quaedt played at "Rage Of Destruction Fest" with bands such as Rotting Christ, Trollfest and many more...
November 2011: a local show was played with Valborg. Lost Sould did guest vocals for this show because of Mastema's throat problems.
December 2011: Lost Soul joined Quaedt permanently. Mastema quit because of health issues.
January 2012: a local show with Huldrefolk was played.

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Band Members
Dood-guitars, Grimm-guitars, Lost Soul-vocals, Schelm-bass, Wolf-drums
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Metal / Black Metal / Hypnotic

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Sint Truiden, BE

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