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An ex-soldier with a past only made for HBO, Gary Don Dacus Jr. promises to either BRING "The Thunder Beast" alive (reminiscent of Vinnie Paul or Gene Hoglan) if you have METAL in mind ~OR~ BRING a solid 'Groove oriented - in the Pocket' style (reminiscent of Bill Ward)- if you have Rock in mind.
Gary is an Independent Drummer - playing where he can and when he is needed. Gary has been reviewed as one of NY's and TN's hardest working drummers and will continue to prove why that is...show after show...band after band. He has been part of several long running projects as well as a sitting-in for bands with an injured permanent member. Though he would truly love to get a chance to play in a solid signed act, given the chance.
Over his 20 + years playing drums (any chance he could get - even around deployments and through injuries from his 13 years in the Army Infantry)..
... Gary has played rock, southern rock, heavy metal, bay area thrash, hair metal/rock, radio rock, classic rock and metal, modern rock and metal -- Originals and Covers

Gary began playing drums at 15. He grew up listened to a variety of genres from:
 Metal with bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Metallica, Kiss, Iron Maiden, etc.;
 To Christian Rock like Deliverance, Bride, White Cross, etc.;
 to 80's Hair bands like Motley Crue, Skid Row, Tesla, Scorpions, Van Halen, etc.;
 to Southern Rock bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pride & Glory, The Alman Brothers Band, Blackfoot, Down, Pantera, etc.;
 to Modern Rock and Metal bands like Daughtry, All that Remains, The Sword, Nickelback, Slayer, Pearl Jam, Megadeath, to name a few.


Gary is a native of Jonesboro, AR; but he has played in multiple states and even Canada - by way of the US Military. Gary was stationing in upstate, NY where he not only interned for a year with the 10th MTN. DIV ARMY band of Fort Drum, NY.; he also gained recognition with local Upstate NY favorites like "SPUN."(Killswitch Engage Style metal - Now 'Nobody Lives Forever'), "[Dox]ology" (Bay Area Thrash - covers & originals), "Twelve Gauge Apocalypse" (Screamo vocals Metal ~ NY - 2009-2010), "Seventh Son" (radio friendly rock - covers - 2009) - As well as TN/AR/MS bands like "Massacre Machine"(metal originals - 2005-2006, 2010-2011, 2013- Pres), "Twelve Gauge Apocalypse" (Clean vocal Metal ~ TN/AR - 2010-2011), "Home Spun Sons / Death Remains Silent" (Modern & Classic Metal originals & covers - 2011), "Brother Chuck" (11/11 - 3/12), "So We Persist" (04/12 - 07/13), "Brutal Honesty" (2013), even sitting in for two Shows with "Killjay" (2011); not to mention countless other bands over the years doing both Originals and Covers across several sub-genres of Rock and Metal.

**Music Education Background:
 2 years in the High school band and 2 years in Music Education (to include music history and music appreciation) at Jonesboro High school, Jonesboro AR.
 1 year Internship in the 10th MTN. DIV ARMY band, Fort Drum, NY.
 Student of John Blech (Blues and Rock Drummer / Graduate of SUNY Oswego Music program), Oswego, NY.
 Former Student of Lance Mitchell (4 times Inductee to the McDonald’s Marching Band), Jonesboro, AR.

* CURRENT Endorsement(s):
 Dream Cymbals -- 2008-Present
 Spaun Drums 06/2013-Present
Link coming
 HotSticks Drumsticks -- 2012-Present
 Pintech Electronics (Triggers) -- 2013-Present
 Axis Pedals -- 2014-Present
 Grunt Style wear -- 2014-Present
 Rock-N-Roll GangStar Wear -- 2014-Present
PAST Endorsement(s):
 DrumStar DrumWear 2008-2011
 Peace Drums 05/2012-05/2013

*** Current set up:
 Spaun TL II Series 5pc & TL II Maple Snare
 SP Hardware OR PDP Rack System
 Axis ‘A2’ Double Pedal
 Dream Energy, Contact & Bliss Series Cymbals
 Evans Drum Heads
 HotStick Drumsticks
 Tama Drum Watch

* CURRENT Project(s):
 Harvest Mill
PAST Recent Project(s):
 Nobody Lives Forever
 So We Persist ~ 2012-13
 Brutal Honesty ~ 2013
 Massacre Machine ~ 2007 / 2010-13

Gary "The Beast" Dacus
FORMER DJ of "Memphis Metal Mondays" on Radio Memphis

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