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Teri Alison - Lead Vocals

Teri is the hot and sassy, high-energy spark plug of Unlicensed Therapy. There hasn't been a stage constructed that can contain her! She can sing, she can dance--at the same time even! Born To Be Wild? Oh yeah... Pop standard? Solid… Heartfelt acoustic power ballad? It will bring a tear to your eye... Teri's sparkling personality and groove thang will get you out on the floor for a dancin' good time!

Scott Renton - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Whether he is on his smokin' tele' or his soothing Taylor, Scott, adds a broad range of textures to the group. His vocal range is just as varied and can range from songs such as Toe's by the Zac Brown band to the gravelly sounds of Glory Days by the Boss. Scott has a performed with many musical groups in the Sacramento area and coached many aspiring musicians. Did we mention Scott is one really nice guy!

John Butterfield - Bass Guitar, Vocals
John brings with him many years of experience with numerous bands in the Sacramento area and a mature bass groove. Not only is John the master of his instrument, he is also an expert at sound reinforcement and stage lighting. Working with Scott and Fred, John adds strong vocal dynamics to the group. It is a little known fact that John's heavy grooves have been known to level small structures not built to code.

Fred Gardner – Keyboards, Vocals

Fred is a man of diverse musical talents. Not only does he provide the cool and groovy piano, B3 and synthesizer background you hear, he plays harmonica, bass, ukulele, “more” cowbell, and can serenade you on acoustic guitar with his vast musical library! A gentleman and consummate musician, he's heavily involved the use of lasers as ambient stage lighting, and is affectionately known as the Gobo-man!

Chris McCown – Drums

Chris’s drumming and percussion provides the driving beat behind Unlicensed Therapy’s unique and dynamic sound. He was raised on Hollywood Squares and Hee-Haw. If it weren't for his sister and buddies who gave him The Mighty Led Zep, Pink Floyd, and K-Tel's The Rock Album, he might never have made the Dean's list at St. Copious. Chris is into NASCAR, FIFA, competitive Table Tennis, flaming mai tais, and grass skirts! Would it be too bold to say Chris Rocks!!!

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Teri Alison (lead Singer) Scott Renton (vocals, lead guitar) John Butterfield (Bass ,vocals) Fred Gardner (Keys, vocals) Chris McCown ( drums)
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Unlicensed Therapy
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Sacramento, CA